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Sun tanning refers to the process by which the skin color is tanned or darkened. The most common method of tanning the skin is through sun bathing (exposure to the sun), but there are also artificial tanning methods available.

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Is it possible to have a sun tan on your tongue?


You get a tan when the melanin in your skin clumps together to keep you from burning. The more melanin you have, the harder it is to burn. That's why you hardly ever hear African-American people taking about their sunburns, they have a LOT of melanin.

Your tongue (and your liver) do not contain melanin because they don't need it. They are normally inside your body and do not have skin.

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How can you remove fake tan from sheets?

im afraid that it is i allmost impossible to remove fake tan form your sheets

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Can you use tanning beds while on seroquel?


I tanned while taking Serequel and had some darkening of the skin on my upper lip.So I would not recommend it

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Does ginger spice tanning lotion get you tan by just putting it on?

does ginger spice tanning lotion get you tan by just putting it on?

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Do the sun's tanning rays penetrate water and to what degree?

All the sun's rays penetrate water, but each color penetrates to a different depth. The colors at the upper end of the light spectrum, especially the UV (ultraviolet) that causes tanning, penetrate deepest. The UV portion of the sun's light can penetrate into clear water for a hundred feet or more at midday. The safest way to avoid overexposure is to remember that if you can see the sunlight, it may cause sunburn, and to limit exposure accordingly or perhaps wear a T-shirt or wet-suit.

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Is there iodine in spray tanning liquids?


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How do you sunbathe with pierced nipple?

I had my nipples pierced 2 days ago. I am going on holidays 2 weeks after. I just want to know how to protect my nipples from sun burn, because I want to tan, but people say to keep lotions away from piercing. What if I had invertd nipple and they seen sun only few times? Am I going to have sun burn on them or not?

You can use lotions around the piercing. Just not directly in the piercing. Make sure to rub it in completely too. The sports kinds are best because they wont run when you sweat so theres less of a chance that it'll run into the piercing.

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Can you get tan on a cloudy day?

Yes! You can get a tan and even a severe sunburn on cloudy days. Thicker clouds and rain are going to prevent a tan or burn, but light overcast skies can lead to nasty burns because you aren't expecting it.

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How do you get rid of a tan fast?

The fastest way to handle the tan in a diminishing way is to exfoliate the skin once a day. That will get the tanned layers of skin shed from the body, and display the nice untanned layers. To much exfoliation is and issue however once a day should provide the results you require.

The best exfoliator for tanning is Baiden Mitten. You can get one especially for tan removing on Amazon. There is no way of exfoliating deeper without hurting your skin. It is like a microdermabrasion. It will remove all of the spray tan and most of the sun/beds tan in one go.

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Are home tanning beds safe to use every day?

home tanning beds are not safe to use everyday. it is better to tan the natural way with standing in the sun covered with sunblock. its ok every once i a while to do the tanning beds.

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Can you get a tan on a hazy day?

Yes, the UV rays still penetrate through clouds. The only time it doesnt affect it as much is the time of the year (fall/winter) when there is less sun in a day.

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How can you get rid of zits overnight?

There is no gurantee in getting rid of a zit over night, just make sure you wash you face daily and get all the makeup and oil off your face before going to bed at night.

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Why do people suntan?

Most people suntan to darken their own skin, though this has varied from cultures. Alternatively, some people enjoy the feeling of suntanning.

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Is fake tan mousse better than spray?


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Can redheads tan?

Yes, it is possible. Whether a redhead can get a tan or not depends very heavily on genetics.

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Does suntan lotion have any affect on the chemicals in a pool?

Possibly. It will, however, plug the filter and is not easily removed.


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Are fluid ounces and ounces the same thing?

The same weight, but not the same thing....fluid ounces refers to liquid such as water, soda, or milk. Ounces could be anything...sugar, flour, drugs, etc.

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How old do you have to be to use tanning beds?

Some tanning salons require users to be of legal age - 18 and over - or have a parent/guardian permission if the user is underage - younger than 18. The permission is requested upon first use and the parent/guardian is to sign the tanning bed use agreement at that time.

Some tanning salons do not have this requirement, however many will recommend the user to at least be a teenager - 11-13 and over - before laying. Check with your local salons to see what their requests are on this subject. Every tanning salon operates differently in different areas, countries, and states - depending upon policy.

Irrespective of your legal right to use tanning beds, worldwide medical opinion is that they damage skin, thereby increasing the risk of skin cancer and of premature skin aging. That is too heavy a price to pay for the Golden-Glow look born of vanity. In some sections of the U.S.A., dermatologists could fill their entire office schedule treating only patients who have skin damage, pre-cancer, and cancer as a result of exposure to sunlight and UV rays. Medical groups in the U.S.A. have been urging regulation or elimination of tanning beds, but the tanning bed companies have been arguing that tanning is not only harmless but is, in fact, beneficial. Ironically, the same battle went on over cigarettes and smoking.

Every state has different laws. In CA if you are under 18, you need a parent or guarding to sign the client profile UV tanning form. If you are under 14, you are not allowed to use UV tanning beds.

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Why is your new tattoo losing its color and has light patches?

the sun does certainly wreck ink, as does swimming in water containing chlorine, sunbeds are a no no too, white coloured creams make ur black tattoos go a rather yukky shade of bluey green too, and picking would also give the patchy look, so no picking!

Answersometimes your skin just doesnt take the ink as well ask other peoples. but if the tattoo is fresh, u might just need some touch up ink. make it look good. AnswerYes. if it keeps going downhill, go back a get a touchup, use the a&d ointment as much as directed and keep that thing way out of the sun. Put women's facial cream on it to hide it completely. The sun absolutely destroys ink. AnswerIf it is new, you need to make sure you don't expose it to too much sun without protection. Sun can fade the ink without proper care. Also make sure to use A&D Ointment and follow any instructions given by your artist. And since it is fading, it may be best to check with your artist about a touch up once the tattoo heals up enough to touch up the color.
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What is the best fake tanning product?

Most of them don't work all that well. Some may streak if you don't take the proper time to apply them. Others can turn your skin an orange color. If you want just a little color then the Tanning Towels are the best.

Tanning booths are more reliable than a spray tan.


try st moritz .. i love this fake tan

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Why do hippos coat their body with red fluid?

Their skin secretes a natural sunscreen.

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Does hot water get rid of a tan?

yeah it does a just a little ... not all because its like if burned ..

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How long should you wait to go to another open interview?

I'm not totally sure what you mean, but if it's an "open call" for the same company, I'd say go to the next one if you didn't hear anything from the first one. As long as they are at least two weeks apart. They may just be holding them on different days and haven't called people back yet from the first one.

Every week on a Thursday they have open interviews, i went about 4 weeks ago and they didnt call me back, i was going to go to the next one they had but people told me that was to soon to go back, so Should I go back to one next Thursday? Thanks

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What is the chemical in your skin that makes you tan?


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Can you use regular lotion for tanning beds?

Regular lotions will help your skin in the matter of keeping it moisturized, which is vital to keep your skin healthy while tanning. However, most tanning salons do not allow anything on the skin but tanning lotions as regular lotions can damage the plates on the tanning beds. My advice to you would be to get a tanning lotion, which will have everything you need to get a deep and dark tan while keeping your skin as damage-free as possible and not ruining the tanning beds.


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