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No but say you lose your sense of taste then you will get it back soon

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Q: Do taste bud grow back if you kill them?
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I bit my tongue and later found out I bit off a taste bud. Do taste buds grow back?

yes it is because it is a taste bud that means YOU CANT TASTE ahaha.

How long does it take for a taste bud to grow back?

Taste buds are irreplacable. Once gone.. they don't grow back.. that's why when you burn your toungue really bad in certain spots you don't taste things the same.

Where is the bitter taste bud situated?

at the posterior back of the tongue

What is a white taste bud?

most likely an infected taste bud

What is an umami?

umami is part of bitter it is another taste bud that is on the back of your tongue

How many taste cells in a taste bud?

There are about 30050600 taste cells in a taste bud! i know its amazing but the truth (this is a lie)

What is a swollen taste bud?

A taste bud, one of the sensors in your mouth that allows you to taste, that is larger than it normally is.

Are taste bud cells eukaryotic or prokaryotic?

are taste bud cells prokaryotic or eukaryotic

How many tastes can each taste bud detect?

Each taste bud can detect one.

What kind of receptor is the Taste bud?

A taste receptor

What taste bud is in the back of the tongue?

Bitter taste buds are found at the back of the tongue. Sweet/salty taste buds are in the front of the tongue, sour taste buds are on both sides whereas the middle of the tongue has very few taste buds at all.

Difference between papillae and taste buds?

There is not a difference between a papillae and a taste bud. A papillae is what a taste bud is called in medical terms.

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