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Do tattoos hurt?

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2011-09-13 01:46:12

It depends on the tattoo artist and your pain tolerance.

If you have a high pain tolerance, your experience may be less

painful than a person with low pain tolerance.

Also, it is best that when you are getting worked on, to simply

find your "happy place." Don't think about it so much, because it

will probably be more painful. Usually, tattoo artists will talk to

you to ease your mind to make you more comfortable.

Honestly, I have moderate to high pain tolerance, and it wasn't

so much pain that I experienced. It's more annoying than painful,

but every experience is different for every person.

the tattoo artist will have a conversation with you most of the

time so you wont even think of it. pinch yourself, and that's about

all you'll feel. some places will hurt a bit more, such as your

stomach. but arms and legs are nothing

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