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in my opinion i think teachers give way to much homework for a student to handle. There also comes a time when i think that teachers do this to students to prepare for the future at hand. Also, i play softball so i think that they should give students less homework in one day and give it another day.

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Q: Do teachers give too much homework?
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What do teachers say too much homework?

they say that homework students have isn't very much.

Is there an expert opinion on do kids have enough amounts of homework?

There haven't been any studies, but most kids have enough homework. Some teachers do give too much work, and that's hard on the kids to finish in time. But most teachers do understand that kids have other classes, and try not to give out too much work.

How can you stop having too much homework?

You have to talk to your teachers. Click on the Related Questions for help, though.

Is there a law that says schools have to have homework?

There is no law, however there is the general tenet in education the classroom time is intended for instruction and demonstration, and practice (homework) should be done outside of class. Keep in mind that as much "homework" as your teachers give you, they are giving themselves too, multiplied by the number of students they have. Homework must be graded, and they're not doing that during class.

Why you hate Middle School?

Why do I hate middle school, I can tell you that. 1.The teachers are so strict 2.You can get study hall if you didn't do your homework or you forgot it . 3.They make a model called get it done. 4.They put your grades and your behavior on and the teachers post on snapgardes if you got a study hall. 5.You have to switch classes. 6. you don't get to see your friends that much 7. you are not allowed to use or bring Sharpies 8. you can get an automatic detention for hurting somebody. 9. The teachers give you homework or tests about stuff that they never taught you. 10. You can get too much homework!

Are you going to get a good report?

Yes and you too if you listen to your teachers, work hard and do your homework.

How do you say too much homework in french?

English : Too much homework French : Trop de devoirs

Are you going to get a good school report?

Yes and you too if you listen to your teachers, work hard and do your homework.

Do teachers add up the homework and tests to make your grade?

Usually they take an average. They count more points for the tests than they do for the homework, too.

Is an extra 2 hours homework too much for an 11 year old child?

It depends. Two hours total homework isn't too much - you can get that done before dinner and have the whole evening free. Two hours on top of what you're already doing seems a bit much and you should have a talk with your teachers about how much work you have every night.

How long do teachers take to make homework?

You think you have a tough time with homework? Teachers have it rougher! They usually work several hours every night after school and they work on the weekends, too! Plus, after you do your work, the teacher has to grade every single homework assignment in all of their classes.

Do schools schools give too many project?

i personally think that some teachers give too many project but others do not it simply depends on which teacher or teachers you get