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English : Too much homework

French : Trop de devoirs

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Q: How do you say too much homework in french?
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How do you say we have too much homework in french?

Nous avons trop devoirs en français

What do teachers say too much homework?

they say that homework students have isn't very much.

What does j'ai trop de devoirs mean?

"on a beaucoup de devoirs" means "we have lots of homework" in French.

What does j'ai trop de devoirs mean in French?

In principle this means 'I have too many duties' or 'I have too much to do'. In practice this is a pupil saying 'I have too much homework'.

How do you say its too much in French?

C'est trop

How do you say not too much in french?

pas trop

What is too much in French?

too much = trop If you're going to use the expression "trop" for "too much" in a French sentence, be sure to include the "de" afterwards. For example, to say "I ate too much ice cream " in French, you would say, "J'ai mangé trop de glace."

How do you say talkitive in French?

talkative is 'bavard' in French. That hints that someone is talking too much.

How do you say stuffed as in too much food in French?

"Fourré" is the adjective meaning "stuffed" in French.

How do you say you can't love me too much in french?

you can't love me too much - English vous ne pouvez pas m'aimer trop - french

How do you say too much sugar in french?

Trop de sucre

How do you say too love you so much in french?

vous aime tellement