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yes they do, because they think less of some students.

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Q: Do teachers look down at the students at papakura high school?
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What happens if your high school closes down?

When a school closes down. arrangements have already been made for the students of that school to attend another school. Students will be told what that school is. If you are a graduate of a closed school and need your transcripts or other information, you can contact your school district's central office. They will either have the transcripts and information there or know where to send you to get what you need.

HOW DO TEAchers choose their students in elementary school?

Mostly it comes down to just having a diverse mix of kids who will ideally work well together.

What In elementary school students are put into classes based on their?

There are several factors in placing students in classes. Teachers sit down with the names of the incoming students for the new school year. They do this at the end of the school year each spring. The teachers are given test scores, grades, behavior, special needs, and requested students. The requested students go to the teachers that have been asked for. Then, the teachers discuss each student and where they think who would be the best teacher for them. The classes are also put together to have an equal number of boys and girls, the same class size, and a equal number of children with behavior/ learning problems. This is how classes are put together. It takes several days to do and at times students may be moved for one reason or another.

Why does your teacher put students down?

because the teachers probably feel insecure about his/her own life and picks on the students to feel about him/herself. Teachers have authority in the classroom and, unlike adults, students can get in trouble for taking a stand against being picked on by a teacher. It is NOT an effective method and only hurts students' self-esteem. Teachers who put students down should be fired immediately.

Why is PS 27 closing?

the school is closing down because there are not enough responsible teachers in there.....but instead of providinghelp and new teachers for those kids they close the school and forces the students from grade 8-12 to transfer schools...messing them up instead of offering help..

Who is the main character in wayside school is falling down?

the main characters are Louis, Ms.Jewls, Ron, Todd, Paul

Name something teachers are always telling their students to do?

Do Homework Be Quiet Listen Sit Down Do your own work

Is it illegal for a teacher to make their students run up and down stairs?

No the teachers are in charge after a principle plus it is exercise.

Why are teachers mean to certain students?

Teacher's are mean to certain students because deep down and side they want to be the child. Or u do things they do not care for. Or it could be there racism

what do teachers teach students?

hello, there are different types of teachers depending on the subject they teach they are suppose to explain the fundamentals of a specific problem in that type and suppose to break it down in parts

Who is the director of iNet Real Estate School in Irvine CA?

The school has closed down. No director or students.

What are page margins used for?

on a piece of paper teachers use them when they corrects students tests/texts and put comments down the margins