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It depends on the guy. If he likes big girls, he likes big girls. If he like small girls, he likes small girls

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โˆ™ 2009-07-16 01:57:45
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Q: Do teenage guys actually like bigger girls?
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Do teenage guys think teenage girls are weak?

Yes, unfortunenely.

Are teenage girls involved in more automobile accidents than teenage boys?

I would say so because teenage girls are proven to be more likely to drive a car younger than teenage boys due to their more mature appearance and mental strength. Its also proven that teenage girls drink and drive 18% more than teenage boys. Actually guys are in more accidents because they are more immature then girls and like to show off...girls are more responsible when it comes to that stuff

What do teenage guys think about most?

Football And Food And Girls

What do teenage boys hate in teenage girls?

When they think all about themselves and just dont stop talking about other girls or talk about guys

What does teenage girls look for in guys?

Guys with similar interests to the girl, who act in a similar way.

Do normal guys like bigger girls?

I like bigger on top.

Do teenage guys like slightly overweight teenage girls idon't mean like super overweight but like fat enough that i wouldn't look that good in a bikini i am 14 and i had a flat tummy but bigger thighs?

Answer:Yes! guys like slightly thicker girls, be proud of your curves.

Do guys actually listen to girls when they're trying to help?

Yes, some guys actually listen to girls, like me.

How many more teenage guys are there than girls in the world?

you got it mixed up theres more teen girls than guys in the world

How old do you have to be to work a part time job in winndixie?

15 for teenage guys 16 for teenage girls

Do teenage boys or teenage girls get in more accidents?

The guys are far more accident prone. There is plenty of data to support that.

Do teenage guys like loud or quiet girls?

It really depends on the guy.

Do Chinese teenage girls like American teenage emo guys?

Kind of like asking do black guys like white women, it depends on alot of things man.

Why do guys like bigger boobs?

The same reason girls like bigger penises.

What do teenage guys want from girls?

Depends totally on the guy. Some want sex others actually want to have a relationship based on feelings for each other and personality.

How many Italian teenage boys date American girls?

yea. Italian guys love American girls. there hot

What should teenage girls wear with grey ash toms?

Me being one of these teenage girls . You me being one of these teenage girls,you guys should usually wear like similar colors or if your going for something to go out with just wear what goes or what you think goes . Be unique :))

What is the situation on teenage pregnancy?

A lot of girls and guys don't think that getting pregnant is easy to do when it is.

Do teenage guys like shy girls or girls that are more loud and act dumb?

It really really depends on the type of guy.

Why are all of Justin Biebers songs about girls?

Justin Beiber writes about girls because that's pretty much what teenage guys (and grown-up guys) think about... and it's what sells.

Why are girls butts bigger than guys?

Women are child bearing.

Do some teenage girls dance with guys they like only for their good looks?

Yes. Some girls do. But some girls don't. It all depends on the girl.

Why do teenage girls like older guys?

I think teenage girls like older guys because compared to most people there age they seem Cuter, more mature, more sure of them selfs. And in honesty most teenage boys look like they never shower and are very rude. And I ought to know, I'm a teenager myself. :)

Do you have a list of teenage dating sites?

Try you can meet guys and girls depending on what u prefer

How often do teenage girls get diarrhea?

Same amount as guys do? Really that dumb. They arent any different