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Do teenage guys actually like bigger girls?


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It depends on the guy. If he likes big girls, he likes big girls. If he like small girls, he likes small girls

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Guys with similar interests to the girl, who act in a similar way.

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I would say so because teenage girls are proven to be more likely to drive a car younger than teenage boys due to their more mature appearance and mental strength. Its also proven that teenage girls drink and drive 18% more than teenage boys. Actually guys are in more accidents because they are more immature then girls and like to show off...girls are more responsible when it comes to that stuff

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It really depends on the guy.

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The same reason girls like bigger penises.

Kind of like asking do black guys like white women, it depends on alot of things man.

teenage girls defiantly! Teenage girls are more serious about boys and relationships, also they are to scared to ask for them self so they flirt as a sort of hint! xx the guys are not as flirty because they are bad at it. lol. teenage girls CAN NOT ask a guy out its too uncomfortable.Hope i have been helpful xx :D

Depends totally on the guy. Some want sex others actually want to have a relationship based on feelings for each other and personality.

yea. Italian guys love American girls. there hot

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i think that is a matter of opinion. Not all girls are mean to skinny guys. Actually, most girls aren't

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I don't like when guys flaunt it. We don't like when a guy likes to tell everyone about it.

Yes. Some girls do. But some girls don't. It all depends on the girl.

Umm...no you pervert. Girls prefer guys who actually know how to use grammar.

Try skout.com you can meet guys and girls depending on what u prefer

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