Do the effects of liposuction last?


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Fat cells removed from the body by liposuction should not come back, however, if a significant amount of weight is gained, new fat cells can grow. With smaller amounts of weight gain, fat cells in other areas will increase in size, but the area where liposuction was performed should not see any increase in fat.

With significant amounts of weight gain, fat cells that were not removed will increase in size and the possibility of new fat cell growth in the areas treated by liposuction exists. However, the amount of fat in these areas is relatively less than in other areas. Ideally, a patient should maintain the weight loss (however minimal) attained during liposuction in order to sustain the optimal results of the procedure.

Assuming a patient does not gain a large amount of weight after the procedure, then the body should retain the silhouette accomplished during liposuction. Even with moderate weight gain, the body should maintain the results, but in a slightly larger proportion.

Because liposuction is not a reliable source of weight loss, patients should expect to maintain their results through diet and exercise. Cosmetic surgeons also caution that although the results of liposuction are more or less permanent, liposuction does not prevent the body from aging and fat stores can migrate in the body as you age.

For women who become pregnant after liposuction, once you have lost all of the weight from the pregnancy, your body should return to the state it was in, as though you had never been pregnant. Again it is important to remember that if you are still carrying weight, it will show in other areas of the body and possibly the areas treated, depending on the amount of weight.


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"There are many long term side effects of liposuction. Some of these include: dimpling, scars, pain, and numbness. More serious side effects can occur from liposuction on the thighs."

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All surgeries come with side effects but usually laser liposuction comes with less than the usual liposuction such as, BruisingSwellingScarringNumbnessDiscomfortSkin irregularitiesBleedingInfectionAllergic reactionExcessive fluid lossFat or blood clotsNerve damageOrgan damage.

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Yes, liposuction definitely has side effects. These generally disappear in a matter of weeks-month after the operation.The most important side effects are:scarsswelling, painlack of mobility

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There are many different locations to learn about liposuction. One of the best places could be the Cleveland Clinic website which has detailed the process, and the after effects of liposuction.

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"Yes, liposuction does cause scars, depending on how well you heal and how well the surgeon did the job. Liposuction also has its side effects and you may not feel the same for the rest of your life."

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