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Yes, I was homeschooled through highschool. I have a third and a first grader who we are teaching at home.

I am homeschooled. My parents were not and thought that school was a huge waste of their time. I did go to school for K-6 and I had the hardest time. I am glad I am homeschooled and I plan to homeschool my kids, when I have them.

Yes there is alot of people that homeschool throughout the country. It is becoming more and more prevelant these days because of the inherent problems with the public school system.

No, not a majority. Some homeschooled adults resented being home school because they missed out on the public school experience or so they thought. Its not a easy decision to home school because you must have a primary bread winner stay at home with the kids. You must check in with the state and school system to be sure your teaching the children properly and that the children are learning on the proper scale. Its tough but rewarding and its a personal choice.

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Q: Do the majority of persons who were homeschooled homeschool their own children?
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