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No, that is the job of the amygdala, a portion of the diencephalon and part of the limbic system.

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Where would you find the medulla oblongata?

medulla oblongata is situated in the brain

A sentence for medulla oblongata?

The medulla oblongata is a part of the brain stem.

What is the medulla oblongata is part of?


Lowest portion of the brain?

Medulla OblongataThe medulla oblongata is the most inferior portion of the brain, and it is the connecting link with the spinal cord.

How can you put this word in a sentence medulla oblongata?

The medulla oblongata is easily the most important part of the brain

What is the rhythmicity center of the brain?

Medulla Oblongata

What is the lowest portion of the brain stem?

medulla oblongata my brain

How do you spell obllengoda?

You are probably going for oblongata, as in the brain structure medulla oblongata.

What part of the brain controls the circulatory system?

The part of the brain that controls the circulatory system is the medulla oblongata. The medulla oblongata is located in the lower half of the brainstem.

Part of the brain that regulates heartbeats?

The medulla oblongata, or just simply the medulla.

What are the brain stem areas of the brain?

Pons, Medulla Oblongata for two

What part of the brain controlls breathing?

The medulla oblongata.

What part of the brain is responsible for breathing?

Medulla oblongata

How does a message from the brain reach the tongue?

by the medulla oblongata

Medulla oblongata is also known as?

Brain Stem

What part of the brain does bipolar effect?

medulla oblongata

Where is the vasomotor center located in the brain?

in the medulla oblongata.

Where does decussation of the pyramids occurs in the brain?

medulla oblongata

Where are cardiac and vasomotor centers in brain?

Medulla Oblongata

What is the medulla oblongata?

The "medulla oblongata", commonly known as simply the "medulla", is the lower half of the brain stem. It controls the cardiac, respiratory systems and other autonomic systems.

Is the brainstem the medulla?

The medulla oblongata is part of the brain stem, but the brain stem also includes the pons and the midbrain.

What part of the brain is Composed of the midbrain pons and medulla oblongata?

The answer is the brain stem

What gas does your brain monitor to keep you in homeostasis?

Medulla Oblongata .

What part of the brain contains the breathing center?

Medulla oblongata.

Most important autonomic center of brain?

medulla oblongata

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