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No. The five rings on the Olympic flag represent the 5 continents from which athletes come to particpate in the games.

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Q: Do the olympic rings represent faster farthest strongest etc?
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What is the meaning of Olympic?

The term Olympic refers to Olympic Games or ancient Olympia. It is a Latin expression that means stronger, faster, higher.

What are some olympic trends?

bigger, faster, better.

What is the meaning of faster higher stronger in Olympic sports?


What is the olympic moto?

faster, harder, stronger

In which liquid will metal corrosion occur faster?

The one that has the strongest oxidizing agent.

Does the eye heal faster?

I think it does because the eyes have the strongest muscles in the body.

11 What is represented by the coloured rings of the Olympics?

The flag of the Olympic Games has five interlocking rings (blue, yellow, black, green, and red) on a white ground. The rings represent the five parts of the world that were joined together in the Olympic movement: Africa, the Americas, Asia, Australia and Europe. The motto of the Olympic Games is "Citius, altius, fortius" (meaning "Faster, higher, stronger").

When was the Olympic motto adopted?

The Olympic motto, 'Citius, Altius, Fortius' which in English means 'Faster, Higher, Stronger', was adopted at the 1894meeting in which the International Olympic Committee was formed.

Name an olympic sport representing 'swifter'?

Swifter means to be faster

What does the latin word s in the olympic motto mean?

Faster, higher, stronger.

Which galaxies appear to move away the fastest?

Those that are already farthest from us do.The farther they are from us, no matter in which direction, the faster they're receding from us.The general tendency is that galaxies that are farther from us move away from us faster.

What does the whole olympic motto mean?

The Olympic Motto is Citius Altius Fortius.Citius means Faster, Altius means Higher, and Fortius means Stronger.