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If you want it to fly farther and higher, you should fold the wings upward. If you want speed, fold them a BIT downward. If the wings aren't symmetrical, the plane will tilt to one side.

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Q: Do the paper airplanes need perfect wings?
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Why do airplanes need wings?

airplanes need wings so they can glide and land correctly

Can airplanes fly in space?

No. The wings that give airplanes lift need air, and the engines that power the airplanes need air.

Do paper planes need wings to fly?

Yes, paper planes need wings to fly, if they were to be accurate to a real plane, since real planes have wings, so paper planes need wings, too. The wings provide lift for the paper plane, causing it to fly when thrown properly. No wings means it is just an ordinary folded piece of paper that you are trying to throw.

Can airplane fly without an air?

No. Airplanes need the flow of air over the wings in order to produce lift.

Can a airplane fly without wings?

No, airplanes need wings for lift. - Now having said that, aircraft can fly without wings, as they include helicopters, dirigibles and balloons which have alternate ways of gaining lift.

Why do I see paper airplanes flying across the room even though they are not there What does that mean?

It means you need to stop day dreaming and do something creative. Or, you need to make a paper airplane.

Does the size of paper airplanes affect how long it stays in the air?

Yes. Everything will affect it. Wind speed, throw speed, and everything about the design of the plane. If you are going to have longer wings, it will need more support. If you have wings the shape of a glider (in real life), then they will just flop up and not work. They need to be supported and strong so that they do not bend too much or warp at all.

What is the affect of weight on distance paper airplanes travel?

I think that if it is hevier you need to throw it harder for it to go farther

Can airplanes fly into space?

No. Airplanes cannot fly into space. They need air to hold them up. That's the purpose of the wings on both sides. They also need oxygen to burn their fuel. The airplane can't go anyplace where the air isn't thick enough to support the wings or where it lacks enough oxygen for the fuel. In space, there's no air at all.

What are some differences between birds and airplanes?

To start off, birds flap their wings to propel themselves forward whereas airplanes propel themselves forward using a propeller that spins around. Airplanes use wires (both electrical and cables) to maneuver. Birds twist their wings to maneuver. Airplanes also have lights to show their orientation and location. Birds on the other hand have no lights because they really don't need them! Airplanes are made out of metal which doesn't repair itself it it gets broken or injured like a bird does. Airplanes need aviation fuel to run where birds just get their energy from seeds, bugs..etc. hope that helped

How do you make a airplane?

You will need 1 paper and fold it hotdog then do to flaps then seal it then make wings!!

Why do airplanes fly straight?

Airplanes need to fly forward in order to stay in the air. They need air passing over the wings in order to stay in flight. Without air passing over the wing, bernoulli's principle can't take effect and the airplane would fall.

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