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THat school is not recognized by the DOE. Go get your GED at a community college.

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FTCC does accept it,I was one of their students
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Are there any in Louisiana?

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Q: Do the s2 institute accept diplomas from Cornerstone Christian Correspondence School?
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What colleges accept Cornerstone Christian correspondence diploma?

There are alot of misunderstandings... There are 2 schools that are alike but ..The One in called "Cornerstone christian Correspondence " is located in Townsend,Georgia... *(h.sDiploma) "I Need to know What Colleges accept them as" accredited???Please..

What colleges in South Carolina will accept Cornerstone Christian correspondence diploma?

What phlebotomy School in South Carolina or Augusta Georgia that will accept my cornerstone Christian diploma

Will new york city college of technology accept cornerstone christian correspondence high school diploma?

Cornerstone Christian Correspondence school is not a real school and does not provide diplomas that meet acceptable standards for any government, military, post-secondary, nor any other institution. On the Cornerstone Christian Correspondence website it reads that it is accredited but it is not. The site also reads that they will provide accreditation information upon request. However, under the information link you can read that "Cornerstone Christian Correspondence School is privately accredited through The Accrediting Commission International (ACI).in Sarasota, Florida, the Worlds Largest Non-Governmental Accrediting Agency."The best way to verify an institution has been accredited by a legitimate accrediting body to check The Department of Education's website.Also, the state of New York provides information about what it will accept as minimum requirements for admission to a post-secondary institution. It is stated that diplomas from correspondence schools are not accepted.

Does Hinds community college take correspondence school diplomas?


What colleges in Florida except correspondence diplomas?

what about a accredited online course, will it except this diploma

Is Cornerstone Christian Correspondence School in Townsend Georgia accredited and how to contact them?

Cornerstone Christian Correspondence School is not an accredited school. IT does not meet government standards and the diploma will not be accepted by any state colleges, universities or military service.The Diploma issued by Cornerstone Christian Correspondence School is not valid for entry into the Military Services - this school has been reviewed over the past year and was evaluated to not be equivalent of even a GED and placed on a "Not Valid for Entry" list.Address: Cornerstone Christian Correspondence School, 3149 U S Highway 17, Townsend, GA 31331 Phone (912) 832-3834 or (912) 832-6663Website URL: Cornerstonechristianschools.orgMany diploma mills claim to be "accredited," but the accreditation is from a bogus, but official-sounding, agency they invented. Some diploma mills have slick websites, and a "dot-edu" Web address doesn't guarantee legitimacyYou can use the Internet to check if a school is accredited by a legitimate organization at a new database of accredited academic institutions, posted by the U.S. Department of Education at other contributors:No it is not an accredited school, I work for a University and the Department of Education does not recognize their HS diplomas, so a college can not use it as a proof of graduation.It may be accredited according to them, but according to the Department of Education it is not and they are the ones who need to recognize it to be eligible to attend a college.This high school diploma is not accepted in my county either, they said there's no one monitoring you when taking this test so it is not accepted.I got a diploma from Cornerstone back in 2003. I was so excited that i was the first person to graduate high school from my family in a long time. Now I'm in college in California. The college has a list of schools they won't accept diplomas from and Cornerstone is on that list. Imagine how upset i was, right? Well now the school says if the diploma has an impressed seal on it they might accept it, if not, I'll have to go get my GED. Not something i'd like. The point is that to the best of my memory Cornerstone is accredited BUT that doesn't mean that if you outside of Georgia YOUR school will accept it. The laws and rules of what they will or won't accept are VERY different from state to state. And I've learned that now. So if I were you I would be cautious before assuming that the college you want to go to will accept it just because it's accredited or says diploma. A lot of the people graduating from Cornerstone are not even in Georgia.NO their diplomas may be accredited but they are not recognized by the Department of Education. So a University doesn't acknowledge this as a proof of graduation and you will not be able to enter college. I work for a University and one of the individuals that tried to apply here told me he knows others who are having this same problem. Schools, even colleges, can be accredited but that doesn't guarantee that the DOE recognizes the schools credentials.After two semesters,with Kaplan university they pulled me out of classes because my diploma with Cornerstone was not acceptable. Now the university wants me to repay grant money because of it. What now ?Cornerstone Christian Correspondence School is not a real diploma. Cornerstone is not even an accredited school. Some colleges like the community one will accept it but a university will not accept it. I have a cornerstone but I went back to school and graduated from Marshall High School. So try to get your GED. Or if you not too old go back to school because that cornerstone is worthless!It is not valid as in accredited high school diploma for admission to most colleges.If Cornerstone Christian Correspondence School is not accredited how come it is that the state of Michigan paid for my cousin to get her diploma through this school and then the a college accepted it as a diploma. (It probably hasn't been caught yet)The school does not have the appropriate accreditation.

You would like to know can you attend college on a correspondence diploma?

yes most college do accept these type of diplomas

What college can you attend with a diploma from cornerstone christian correspondence school?

Yes! Several community colleges accept diplomas from this school.

Is Liberty EDU a Christian organization?

Liberty University is a Christian organization that has been in operation since 1967. They service grades pre K through 12. They offer general and advanced diplomas.

Why is the diploma not accepted from cornerstone christian from the government?

If you meant "by the government", I'm guessing that they would interpret the acceptance as favoring Christianity, and the First Amendment to the U. S. Constitution prohibits the government from favoring one religion over another. (Of course it wouldn't be favoritism if they accepted the diplomas of every religious school, but try telling them that, and they would probably reply with something about the separation of church and state, which is NOT in the Constitution.)

What colleges in new jersey accept homeschool high school diplomas?

does ocean county college accept a christian based high school diploma

John McCain's school diplomas?

he didn't go to collage so he is dumb and has no diplomas.