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Q: Do the students in UCIrvine wear uniforms?
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Why do students wear uniforms?

students wear unifoms because of

What motivates students who wear uniforms?

they are not motivated to wear them, they have a rule to wear them. Uniforms makes it easier to identify students and adds a sense of responsability and disipline to the students.

Do Dutch schools wear uniforms?

No, Dutch schools typically do not require students to wear uniforms. Students are generally allowed to wear their own clothing to school.

Should students have to wear uniforms?

I think students should have to wear uniforms, so parents and kids wouldn't have to worry about what they are wearing!!!! Dah!!!

Do Italian students wear uniforms?

In most Italian schools, students are not required to wear uniforms. Some private schools may require the child to wear a uniform.

In which American states are students not required to wear uniforms?

There are no US states in which students are legally required to wear uniforms, although individual schools or school districts may require uniforms.

What are the uniforms that the students wear there?

depends on the colledge.

What percentage of schools wear uniforms in Illinois?

Approximately 19% of schools in Illinois require students to wear uniforms.

How many students wear uniforms around the world?

It is difficult to determine the exact number of students who wear uniforms worldwide, but it is estimated that millions of students in various countries are required to wear uniforms to school. Uniform policies vary by country and school system, with some requiring uniforms and others not.

Do the french students wear a uniform?

No, French students do not typically wear uniforms to school. Each school in France has its own dress code that students are expected to follow, but uniforms are not a common practice.

Do school uniforms help students?

yes, school uniforms do help students. i myself am a student that goes to a school where you have to wear uniforms and it helps with the teasing and some of the drama. if you wear uniforms, you dont have to worry about a child being teased for their clothes.(:

Do Thai students wear uniforms to school?