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Yes! Vinyl shutters can be made to look exactly like wood and can include a wood grain finish.

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Q: Do the vinyl shutters have a wood grain finish?
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Can I trim shutters to fit?

If the shutters are made of wood you can trim them to fit, you can' trim vinyl shutters.

What is better vinyl or wood shutters?

While some people may prefer wood, vinyl shutters are a great choice for several reasons. Vinyl shutter are maintenance free and just as attractive as wood. They cannot be damaged by weather, like wood shutters, and will not crack, chip or peel.

Where can you get wood grain vinyl for a bicycle?

Wood grain vinyl adhesive backed sheet is sold as shelf covering. You could try this? /Brian W

On what types of surfaces can I hang the exterior vinyl shutters?

Exterior vinyl shutters can be installed on any home exterior, including homes that have brick, vinyl, wood, composition or metal siding. Depending on the type of shutter, you can attach the shutters by screwing or nailing them to the house. Or you can use use of clips to attach shutters with no visible screws.

Should I buy vinly plantation shutters or composite plantation shutters for the interior of my home?

They both have their pluses and minuses. Composite Shutters are usually less expensive, they look like real wood, have a coated surface with a lifetime finish, but they're not water proof, and the panels only go up to 30" wide. Vinyl Shutters are water proof, are made of high impact plastic, panels go up to 36" wide, they also have a lifetime finish, but they have have snap together components and a shiny finish that give it a plastic look.

Are faux wood blinds hypo-allergenic?

Wood is normally not hypoallergenic. If you are looking for blinds that are then faux wood blinds would not be the way to go. Try poly vinyl shutters.

Different Types Of Exterior Shutters?

How to Select Exterior ShuttersNew exterior shutters can refresh your home's looks and add some curb appeal. However, it's important to understand the differences between various materials when picking your new shutters.Wood Exterior ShuttersYou can find shutters made from a variety of fine woods, including pine, cedar and even oak. However, wood shutters have some big disadvantages. They need to be cleaned frequently, and even with regular maintenance, they won't last as long as other options. Wood shutters can be beautiful, but they can be a lot of hassle for some homeowners.Vinyl Shutters And CompositesVinyl shutters are much easier to clean than wood shutters and they last for much longer. They're also very easy to install, and in the last few years, vinyl shutters have become extremely popular. Look at vinyl shutters first, especially if you have a newer home. You'll be surprised at the variety of available designs and colors.If you're not sold on vinyl shutters, composite wood shutters might be a good compromise. They're easy to clean and maintain, and while vinyl shutters usually last longer, wood composites have some staying power and can give your home a great traditional look. Shutters are available in hundreds of styles and colors, so decide on a budget and try to coordinate your home's styling with your options. You can be creative with your exterior shutters or go for a traditional look, and as long as you understand the advantages and disadvantages of different materials, there's really no wrong choice.

What is the correct wood grain vinyl replacement used on a 1977 Chrysler Town and Country?

Rubbish waste.

What materials are these window shutters made from?

Shutters can be made from materials such as wood, plastic or aluminum.

Will wood glue work on vinyl?

No, wood glues are not suitable for vinyl.

Where might one find exterior wood shutters?

Exterior wood shutters can be purchased in numerous locations, both directly instore and online. These include 'The California Company', 'Shutters Up' and 'Home Depot'.

What three types of finish for wood that clearly show the grain?

oil linseed varnish the other one

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