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Do the winners of an Olympic event get a cash prize along with a medal?


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The International Olympic Committee does not award cash prizes to the winners. Many countries, however, do offer cash prizes and other incentives to medalists.

In 2012, American competitors who won Olympic medals were rewarded in cash by the US Olympic Committee. Gold medal winners received $25,000, Silver medal winners received $15,000, and Bronze medal winners received $10,000.

However, the real money is earned through commercial endorsements. Some Olympians get paid a performance bonus from sponsors for winning a medal and may sign commercial endorsements that could wind up paying them millions.


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No, they just accept the honour of being one of the best in the world at that event.

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There are hundreds of Olympic gold medal winners alive as of 2013.

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No, the IOC does not pay medal winners.

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The US Olympic committee pays $25,000.00 to gold medal winners.

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In modern Olympic, the first-places winners got gold medal ,the second-places winners got silver medal and the third-places winners got bronce medal. In ancient Olympic, the winner got olive branches.

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