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Serial number will be on the frame or receiver. not the barrel

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Q: Do they put the serial on barrel browning 12 ga made in Portagal?
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Was Browning BAR with serial number 137PV02231 made in belgium?

Your browning model BAR which was made in 1985 should say either made in belguim on the barrel,or made in belguim assembled in portugal on the barrel.

Can you tell me when a browning lightning over and under was made with serial number 71285?

It will be marked on the barrel where it was made.

How old is a browning shotgun serial no 76117 with 26 inch barrel?

If it is a Browning Superposed 12 gauge it was made in 1959.

When and where was a Browning A5 Magnum with serial number 77v48058 made at?

Where will be marked on the barrel or receiver. When is 1977.

When and were was a Browning 12 Gauge Shotgun with Serial Number 324935 made?

Where will be marked on the barrel/receiver.

What year and what cal is this browning serial no 16158px117?

The caliber will be marked on the Barrel, the year made is 1983

Where was made a Browning auto 5 serial number 01540RR211?

Made in 1977. Look on the receiver/barrel and it will tell you where it was made.

What is the age of a Browning shotgun that has the serial number of x29221 and states on the barrel it is made in Belgium and shoots special steel?

You will have to call Browning to find out.

When and Where a Browning 12 gage shotgun serial number B 26778 is made at?

It will tell you on the receiver/barrel

Browning 222 serial number 953y4 what year was it made?

Need to know all the markings on the barrel.

What is year of manufacture of browning a-5 16 serial no x4952 on receiver and barrel fn on butt plate and browning arms company st louis mo on barrel?

This gun was made in 1947

How old is a 12 gauge browning shotgun serial 120106?

This gun was made in 1928. The barrel will be marked as Browning Arms Co. Ogden Utah.

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