Do they sell salvia at smoke shops?

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I'm not real sure, it depends on what state you're asking about?
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Should people on probation smoke salvia?

It depends. If a person on probation is anticipating routine drug tests, some consideration should be taking before using salvia. In most US states and countries, salvia is legal, so an person on probation may legally smoke it if they wish. Even if a person resides in a place where salvia is illegal ( Full Answer )

What happens when salvia is smoked?

This is a list of effects that the drug MAY induce. You may experience only one of these effects, or you may experience most of them. It is dependent on the person. POSITIVE . short duration (when smoked) . radical perspective shifting . increase in sensual and aesthetic appreciation . creat ( Full Answer )

Best way to smoke salvia?

Here is how to smoke salvia. 1. Load your bowl. (Doesn't take much to get messed up) 2. Take a deep hit. 3. Hold it in your lungs until you feel 'different'. (Usually 10-15 seconds) 4. Exhale and enjoy your trip!

Can you smoke salvia?

Yes, it is a more intense high but doesn't last as long as it would if ingested

Can all types of salvia be smoked?

I want to know the answer to this question too.. My guess is that you can smoke them all or else there would be information to the contrary already on the net. me thinks.....????

Can you smoke salvia incense?

Yes, it is really an out of this world experiance. You should try it. hit it really hard and hold it in as long as you can. smoke it up.

What smoke shops in Indiana sell salvia?

"Smoke shops usually get bad quality salvia." thanks for that stupid #$%#ing answer anyways I have been looking online for listings and can't seem to find anywhere everyone just says buy it as far as finding a place in Indiana your best bet would be traveling to different pipe sh ( Full Answer )

What stores sell salvia divinorum?

Check out theshamanstop or the shamanstop on ebay. They're the only sellers right now that really know what they're doing. Search for "diviners sage"

Can you smoke all salvia?

Yes, but Salvia Divinorum is the only Salvia that has any hallucinogenic effect, the rest are from the same family as Sage or Mint.

Does smoking salvia damage brain cells?

No, Salvia Divinorum is a natural hallucinogen, that doesn't harm your body, its effect lasts only a few minutes and it's not addictive.

What does salvia taste like when you smoke it?

It tastes absolutely awful . The best way i could describe it is just taking in pure bitterness. High is very nice though. However you can get around because now a days sites are offering flavored stuff i haven't tried it myself , but if you want go to Hope i helped!

What types of salvia can be smoked?

I know that only Salvia Divinorum is the one that can be smoked, although there are a lot of kinds of salvia, and they're haven't all been tried.

Do you have to smoke salvia?

There are other methods of taking Salvia divinorum, but smoking it is one of the easiest and most efficient methods of use.

What type of salvia can you smoke?

Salvia divinorum is generally sold either in dried leaves (fresh leaves are rarely sold) or in the form of extract. Dried leaves vary tremendously in strength. Many people also find it difficult to get satisfactory effects from plain dried leaves, because the quantity that has to be taken at once is ( Full Answer )

How scary is smoking salvia?

The salvia experience can vary considerably. Salvia "trips" range from complete bliss to utter terror, although most users tend to find the drug produces dysphoria.

How much salvia should you smoke for a much longer high?

Smoking a large amount of saliva won't do a great deal to prolong the experience. One would become incapacitated and unable to continue smoking, and the experience would end in a time frame not too much longer than that of an average smoked dose. Typically, chewing a quid of salvia would be the meth ( Full Answer )

Do you smoke the seeds of Salvia divinorum?

Salvia divinorum does not often produce seeds (and almost never produces viable ones). Also, the seeds are quite small and contain little Salvinorin A. Therefore, the foliage of S. divinorum is the part of the plant smoked for psychotropic effects, not the seeds.

Can you eat before smoking salvia?

You can eat whatever you want, salvia divinorum is not bad for your stomach. But you must use high quality salvia extracts.

Can you smoke salvia in a blunt?

This route of administration is certainly possible, although it may be wasteful, as more smoke is likely to be lost with this method than if one were to use a bowl, bubbler or similar smoking device. Also, this should not be attempted in areas where salvia has become illegal.

Is it illegal to smoke salvia?

No, but if you get caught doing it, you get in huge trouble. If you don't get caught , well, you don't get in trouble.

What is the miscarriage rate for pregnant woman that smoked salvia?

I doubt that there have been studies on the effects of salvia on pregnant women and their unborn babies. Attempting to find a reliable number for your question is next to impossible. Also, many variables need to be known in order to make an educated guess on how severly the unborn baby will be effec ( Full Answer )

What stores sell salvia?

Many stores sell Salvia, but the list would be too long to provide here. A simple internet search should produce sufficient results.

How old to smoke salvia?

In some states like Maine 18 is the legal age. I personally would recommend smoking it NO YOUNGER than age 15, or 16 if the person is a little immature, it is a powerful, introspective experience where you lose all control of everything and get pulled through the experience, it should not be used ( Full Answer )

What shops in New Jersey Sell Salvia?

It was made illegal to sell them in new jersey about a year the answer is no where. u can buy them online tho and have them ship to new jersey.

What Difference between smoking salvia and smoking salvia leaf?

Salvia is either smoked as just dried leaves which doesnt have too much effect or smoking extract that has been applied to dried leaves which gets higher in potency. I would say anyone who says 'smoking salvia' is just using a term basically for the action of doing so. Anyone who is going to try S ( Full Answer )

How do you make tea or smoke salvia?

im sorry i cant answer about the tea, all i know is you need to collect a whole lot of stems. salvia is an interesting thing. DO NOT DO IT ALONE... its a 10 min trip and you seriously freak out, everyone reacts different though. For me and my other friend we couldn't stop moving, we just fell all ov ( Full Answer )

Is salvia bad for you if you smoke it?

not really, although there are many different strengths of salvinorium and users have reported bad trips and what not, but it is not proven to be very harmful to the user.

What smoke shops in California sell salvia?

just about all of them. look around for a shop that specializes in pipes rather than the doors posters, and youre set. and buy up while you can, i reckon it wont be legal for long, as was the case with mephedrone in the UK

Is it possible for a minor to purchase salvia divinorum in a smoke shop in WA state by themself?

Because Salvia divinorum products are unregulated in WA, there is no legal reason shop owners cannot sell salvia products to minors. However, due to pressure from the community and other such factors, some shop owners may restrict the sale of salvia products to those over 18. Therefore, whether or ( Full Answer )

Have you ever smoked salvia?

yes, salvia apiana (white sage) gives you a relaxing high. easing your muscles as if you were getting a massage. but salvia divinorum leaves you clueless, and contains the strongest hallucinogen known to man.

Can you smoke Salvia apiana?

im looking for the same answer did from what i have heard is thatyour relaxed and like chill but not like a affect mary jane has. ihave some but i want to make sure its safe first before i go smokesome random stuff. and when i mean safe i mean not going tofreaking make me a glue stickeater aahah

How do you smoke salvia?

Pack your bowl or bong. Bongs are nicer and easier to hit, but you don't want to take too much of a hit. . Light it, but don't jam the flame into the bowl. You want to use the flame like a paintbrush, lightly brushing it against the leaves in the bowl. . Inhale quickly, but not so hard that it all ( Full Answer )

Can you smoke salvia sage?

yes it sells in tobacco shops.... the only difference between smoking salvia and tobacco is that u hold it in as long as you can ans blow out slowly but be causious.. its a hallucion sooo be somewere u feel comfortable and have fun :) hope i helped

Where do people sell salvia?

Depends, if it is illegal then a dealer would be needed, but in alot of places hemp stores may sell them.

Are there mental side effects to smoking salvia?

are there side effects to smoking sage? hmmm i'd say, as the effect is similar to cannabis it may have similar effects on the brain. and you will be at risk to the usual problems with smoking anything i.e tar in your lungs, mucus membrane breakdown causing smokers cough, lung cancer etc.

How much salvia do you smoke first time?

Before you do salvia know what you getting into, a trip twice as hard as real LSD or ACID. Salvia should be smoked through a bong, pack a full bowl for one person and light it with a butane torch lighter and burn it all. I recomomend 60x. Hold the hit in as long as you can and pass to someone else b ( Full Answer )

Can you smoke salvia flowers?

Can you? Certainly. "Should you?" is a better question. As of current, people only seem to care about smoke the white ones. But they can cause hallucinations. Other than that I can't imagine anyone wanting a couple of lungfuls of sage though.

What does salvia do when you smoke it?

You begin to feel the effects almost immediately after taking a hit of salvia. The effects include feeling weighed down, hallucinations, loss of speech among other things. It typically lasts about 5-15 minutes and is an extremely intense experience.

Can you smoke salvia columbariae?

Yes. The product can usually be bought at smoke shops and is legal in most of the U.S. The high is hallucinogenic, but only lasts about five to ten minutes. The smokable product can be quite expensive however.

How do you smoke salvia extract?

Using some sort of water pipe is the preferred method. Flame should be on the Salvia the entire time. Hold the smoke in for 20-30 seconds. Be somewhere safe, prefereably sitting down with other people around to help and guide you.

Is salvia illegal to smoke in New York?

No. Salvia is currently fully legal in New York State. For more information on the legal status of salvia divinorum, see the Related Links below.

Can you smoke salvia molida and get a buzz?

No. Salvia is a genus of plant in the mint family. Otherwise known as sage. The sage found in spice racks and grocery stores does not contain any salvinorin A (the psychotropic molecule) that is found in Salvia Divinorum and will not get you high.

How long are you high after smoking salvia?

When I tried it; we were blasted the whole night. We smoked the whole gram out of a bowl and Bong. But, you're suppose to hit it once off the bowl and hold it in for 15 seconds. That's suppose to leave a 15 minute high.

Can smoking salvia damage your body?

The intoxicant, or hallucinogen in Salvia is not considered toxic, but smoking anything at all will likely damage your lungs and affect your blood chemistry in some way that is harmful. Better to take Salvia as a tea i.e. an infusion in hot water.

What are some dangers of smoking Salvia?

Some dangers of smoking Salvia are brain damage and replication of bad cells in the brain. The bad thing about Salvia is that it effects people in a instant.