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Do they still make gibbles potato chips?


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March 09, 2013 11:24PM

The sure do!! If they don't sell in your area you can order online. The Martin's Famous Pastry Shoppe purchased them. Got to to order!

As of March 9th 2013 Gibble's snack products have been discontinued.

A statement from the company:

"Gibble Foods is discontinuing the manufacturing of Gibble's snack products effective March 9, 2013," Dieffenbach wrote in a statement Thursday. "This will allow the company to focus on private label manufacturing of its snack food products. The company will not be delivering any more Gibble's products after March 9, but will provide a selected weekend pack out service for March 9 and 10. Over the next several weeks we will have limited support to close out the Gibble's products."