Do tigers eat rabbits?


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White tigers eat rabbits.


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rabbits, llama, dear, ect.

They are carnivores. So they eat any animal that is made of meat such as other orange or white tigers, rabbits, or birds.

They eat their prey. Foxes eat rabbits and chickens mostly, although they eat the occasional squirrel - YUK! - Tigers eat antelope, deer, anything big and full of meat really, they can eat things like rabbits but it is not enough to fill them up, let alone their family!

White tigers eat pigs ,robins deer, cow, rabbits,

Tigers eat Many things. These are rabbits other tigers fishes and peopleeeee ive been ataked my a tiger once!!!!

Tigers eat mostly rabbits and wild dogs (wild dogs are not normal domestic dogs, they are vicious, more like wolves).

In the Zoo the tigers are fed an assortment of fish, meat and poultry parts and in the wild they eat badgers, rabbits, deer's, boars and wild cattle

The tigers eat - deer, wild pigs or small animals such as rabbits - which eat grass or other vegetation.

yes you can eat rabbits.

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no rabbits can not eat buscuits

why do rabbits eat grass

Rabbits do not eat prunes.

No. Weasels eat rabbits.

Man (carnivores) may eat rabbits, but rabbits (herbivores) eat plant life.

No. Rabbits do not eat other rabbits.

Yes, rabbits eat flowers.

Yes, rabbits can eat chickweed.

Yes, Foxes do eat rabbits.

No , rabbits only eat veggies.

yes alligators eat rabbits

No, but foxes eat rabbits.

No, rabbits cannot eat bran.

The impala is herbivorous; it does not eat rabbits.

Plants. Rabbits eat plants.

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