Do tissue consists of many kinds of organs?


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no organs consist of many different tissues

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Many organs are cushioned by fat or adipose tissue.

None!! Organs are made of colonies of tissue. Plants dont have tissue, therefore, they dont have organs!!

There may be several tissues in an organ but a tissue does not have many organs

A tigers body, like all mammals, has a skeletal and muscular system. The skeletal system consists of many different kinds of bones that protects internal organs and supports muscles, tendons and many other types of tissues. The muscular system consists of muscular tissue that is attached to the bones. Tigers are able to move by contracting their muscles, which in turn move their bones and their skeleton.

The difference between organ system and tissue is that organs are made of many layers of tissue working together and a organ system is many organs working together as a system.

are organs made of all four tissues

Bcs connective tissue ad epithlial tissue are made of all glands

Muscle tissue forms an organ, which many different organs create an organism.

Each tissue is very good at its own job. Organs and organ systems each are specialised also. So they need to be made, of the tissue, that specialises in the job, that organ has to do.

Because stem cells are the undifferentiated cells, they are able to grow into many different kinds of organs.

A tissue. many tissues combine to form an organ and many organs form an organism.

Lymphoid tissue is found in many organs, particularly the lymph nodes, and in the lymphoid follicles associated with the digestive system such as the tonsils

There are over 200 kinds of cancer that can affect all organs of your body.

Tissue is a organic material inside animals. Tissue is large groups of cells grouped together. This tissue groups up ( just like the cells) to form into an organ, which serves a certain purpose in an animal's body. There are many kinds of tissues, some for holding joints together, some for forming organs, some for forming new cells, ect. Hope this helped!

You immune system consists of many organs including your spleen, thymus and lymph nodes. To keep your immune system healthy you should supplement your diet.

Prokaryotes are usually unicellular - and so would not have tissue, organs or organ systems. Some prokaryotes are multicellular, and you could potentially say that they are a tissue (many similar cells working together to perform a task). However, no prokaryotes have organs or organ systems.

As you may already understand there are many different types of 'tissue' in the body so I hope these will act as a general selection. Heart Tissue Liver Tissue Lung Tissue Brain Tissue / Nerve Tissue Pancreatic Tissue Almost every organ has tissue which is used to bind the organs together acting as a secondary support for organs. I wonder who says that there are only five: bone, connective, neural, muscle, organ, blood vessels and probably more.

Yes, skin is an organ, so it contains different types of tissue working together to perform a function.

The relationship between cells,organs, and systems would be many cells make up tissue, many tissues make up an organ, many organs make up an organ system, and organ systems make up and organism.

Excess calories are stored as fat or adipose tissue in the skin and also around many internal organs. It is normal to have some as this tissue acts as an insulation and also as a protection.

Over 6,000. Considering all bones, muscles, tissue, and internal & external organs, along with many others.

Smooth muscle tissue is the type of muscle tissue found in the walls of many organs and blood vessels in the body.

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