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Tornadoes are not named. Tornadoes are too short-lived for a name to be useful, and there are simply too many of them for any naming system to work.

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Tornadoes do not get names as hurricanes do.

Unlike hurricanes, tornadoes do not have names.

No, tornadoes are not named. Unlike hurricanes tornadoes come and go too quickly to be named and there are far to many of them for there to be any semblance of an effective naming system.

Tornadoes do not have names. Australia has had many tornadoes, too many to list here.

No. Tornadoes are not given names. They are simply referred to by where or when they hit.

Since most volcanoes are mountains, they usually do have names. Tornadoes do not have names.

Tornadoes are not given formal names. Some tornadoes are informally for where they hit however, but they are never named in advance.

Tornadoes don't get named, Hurricanes do, but Tornadoes don't.

No, tornadoes are far to numerous and short lived to be given names.

not tornadoes do not have names they only get named by the place where they touch down

Tornadoes most often come out of the southwest.

Tornadoes don't have names, hurricane do, though they are often referred to by the places they hit. Even then there are so many tornadoes that it would be impossible to list them. There have been tens of thousands of tornadoes.

No it does not come from tornadoes . :] .....

First, tornadoes are not given names. second, there have been thousands of tornadoes in the past ten years. It would be impossible to list them.

The National Hurricane Center names hurricanes. Tornadoes aren't given formal names, but are generally referred to based on where they hit by the public.

No. Tornadoes do not have names.

Tornadoes are not given names. Hurricanes and tropical storms are given names to help keep track of them and to remember significant storms. Names are assigned from a predetermined alphabetical list.

Yes, tornadoes are not uncommon in Ohio.

There is no official way of naming tornadoes but most tornadoes are named for where they hit.

Tornadoes are often referred to as twisters and sometimes, incorrectly, as cyclones.

Tornadoes do not get names as hurricanes do. Instead they are usually referred to by the places they hit, such as the Joplin tornado, or the Wichita Falls tornado

No. Tornadoes usually come out of the west or southwest, but they can travel in any direction.

Tornadoes don't have names, hurricanes do, and Iowa does not get hurricanes. Tornadoes are referred to by where they hit in most cases. For example, one of the worst tornadoes to hit Iowa in recent years was the Parkersburg tornado, which destroyed part of the town of Parkersburg.

No. Tornadoes do not have names.

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