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Toucans do live in Peru. Toucans are also referred to as a flying banana and are highly social, intelligent birds.

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What are the animals in Peru?

Peru has several animals species that live there. These animals include jaguars, spectacled bears, yellow tailed wooly monkey, owlets, and toucans.

Where does toucans live?

toucans live in south America

Do toucans live in the tropical rainforest live?

Toucans do live in tropical rain forests .

Do toucans live above ground?

of course toucans live above the ground!

Where do toucans live in the rain forest?

Toucans live in tropical or montane rain forest.

Where do toucans live and grow?

Most toucans live in the rainforest, and mostly in parts of brazil.

Where in the world are toucans from?

Toucans live in Rainforests in south America

Do toucans live in savana?

No, toucans only live in the Amazon Rainforest, and they certainly don't live in the African Savannas.

What type of animals are in a rainforest?

there are parrots and toucans who live in the rainforest. there are parrots and toucans who live in the rainforest.

What is the toucans life expectancy?

Toucans live up to 20 years.

Do toucans live in Ghana?

Toucans do not live in Ghana. They live in southern Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean. They typically live in tropical regions.

Were do toucans live on the map?

no were

How long do wild toucans live?

About two years.Toucans usually live from 15 to 20 yrs old

Do toucans live in tropical rainforests?

Yes, toucans do live in tropical rainforests because the rainforest has the perfect temperture for them.

How many toucans are in a group?

6-7 toucans live in one group

What kind of weather do toucans live in?

Toucans live in a tropical weather, mainly in rainforests. So, the weather they live in would be a rainforest's weather.

Why do toucans live in the Tropical Rainforest?

The reason why Toucans live in the tropical rain forestbecause the climate is just right for them.

What is the climate where Toucans live?

Toucans are birds of the tropical forests of Central and South America.

Do Toucans live alone?

Yes, they live alone.

Where do toucans live in the rainforest?


Can toucans live without food?


What environment do toucans live in?

a rainforest

Do toucans live in California?


Do toucans live in the wild?

yes they do.

What country does toucans live?


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