Do traffic light cameras affect insurance?

It depends on the laws in your state or jurisdiction. The state I live in does not allow photo tickets to become part of your official driving record. Why would it matter? If you went thru the red light, you are guilty of a driving offense, right? So of course the insurance company will see that as a sure sign that you are a bad driver and raise you rates, accordingly. It does not matter if you got caught by a camera or a human in a uniform, you still blew the light, right? WRONG, dont listen to that last answer. There are many reasons you can get a ticket and not be responsible. Reason #1 your spouse or another family memeber could have used your car with/without permission and gotten one. Dispute it with the court within 15 days if possible and your case will be dismissed. They cannot prove in anyway that you were driving because they didnt physically pull you over to see, so the above answer is wrong! Will it affect your insurance, most likely it will, atleast in most states as long as you got a ticket, you will be affected unless you dispute it. What effect do red light/speeding camera tickets have on your car insurance premium? According to Dave Roush, CEO of, the tickets are categorized as a civil penalty, so they normally don't result in points on the offender's driving license nor do they impact the driver's auto insurance rate. Roush also notes that the best defense is to always drive with caution and care. Following these measures will help you maintain a good driving record and a lower auto insurance rate.