Do trees make oxygen

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You bet they do! In fact,they make more oxygen than a flower does! You should be glad that trees make oxygen....they're all over the world! =)

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Q: Do trees make oxygen
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Does cutting down trees make less oxygen?

yes the less trees there are the less oxygen

What do you think we need to do to save the trees?

because they make oxygen, so if we don't have any trees they can't make oxygen for us.

What is one value of trees?

They make oxygen...

What are trees?

trees are living things that give oxygen and are used to make paper

What do trees make when they breathe?

Trees take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen.

Does water help trees make oxygen?


Can any animal make oxygen?

no only trees can.

How do trees cut down make us loose oxygen?

Trees take in carbon dioxide, which humans and animals breathe out, and use it to make sugar or glucose molecules to survive. In return the trees produce oxygen as a by-product to photosynthesis and release it into the atmosphere. By cutting down trees, the oxygen that is produced from these trees is lost, hence causing us to loose oxygen.

Does plants make oxygen?

trees and kelp because trees take in the dirty oxygen and puts out the clean oxygen and the kelp i was researching kelp and i saw that kelp helps and makes oxygen.

What do trees do to the air?

Trees perform photosynthesis and so they PRODUCE OXYGEN. All creatures need oxygen in the air to breathe, so trees make the air breathable.

Do trees make a difference to the environment?

Yes, trees make a difference. Without trees, birds, insects, and other creatures wouldn't have any shelter. Plus, trees hold oxygen in their leaves. Without oxygen, their would be no life on earth.

How hydrogen powered vehicles work?

trees they make oxygen

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