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While there is some controversy about exactly when or how sexuality is determined, most experts acknowledge that it is rare for a twelve year old to be absolutely sure about whether they prefer boys and girls. There is often a period of time in a child's life where they experiment with friends of both genders. This exploration is often influenced by such factors as which friends are available and what they are willing to do or try, as well as familial influences which may include religious or societal parameters. What is for certain, is that a twelve year old is just starting out on their journey as sexual beings, and it would be dangerous to classify him or her as Straight, Gay, Lesbian or whatever, based solely upon the limited experiences they may have so early on. It is so easy to be confused by the many changes going on during this time in one's life, sexual identity doesn't need to be made more so by applying labels to something that is not fully formed or matured yet.

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Q: Do twelve year olds know their official sexuality?
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its ok for a 12 yr old to question there sexuality because they are still young, but in the future they would know if there bisexual, lesbian, homosexual

Should twelve year olds know their sexuality?

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Why dont some twelve year olds know their sexuality?

It is a rare twelve year old that knows absolutely their sexual preference. A person of this age is just beginning their journey as a sexual being, and does not have the breadth of experiences or interactions with other people to know for certain how they respond. As with most things involved with puberty and growing up, patience and time will provide all those answers. Children may react to outside influences and assert their sexuality at a very young age, but these are notoriously poor indicators of how the child will end up in regards to their stated preferences as adults. Best not try to apply labels such as Straight, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual or whatever, until the individual person comes to figure it out for themselves.

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Why are some twelve year olds unsure of their sexuality?

It is probably safe to say that most twelve year olds are unsure of their sexuality, which is completely normal. To use a sporting analogy, you can't be sure whether you'll be a good running back, quarter back, pitcher, catcher, swimmer, runner or whatever, until you get into the game and start playing. A twelve year old has several years to go, learning how he or she responds to friends and sexual situations, before figuring out what his or her preferences may be. It should be noted that just because a young person reacts one way at age 12, this not a solid indicator of a similar response as he or she matures. Any child should be given the latitude to discover what or who he or she will be on their own. The end result will be a much happier and secure individual who is less likely to form an identity out of rebellion.

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