Do utility and other home bills affect your credit rating?

Only if you go deliquint and they send you to collection will it be reported to your credit report. Unfortunatly, if you pay your utilities on time, for the duration of your life, the GOOD credit will never be reported, but if they send you to collections, you bet it will land on your credit report. Gas, Electric, and Cable - all three may send you to collections if you fall more than 90 days past due. I have never seen water reported as this is a public utility, and towns have other ways of collecting past due accounts (by placing liens or simply shutting you off) than by sending you to a collection agency.

There are some utility companies, PECO (Pennsylvania Electric Company) comes to mind, that immediately report their customers as delinquent when a utility bill is late. The same is true with child support enforcement. Pay it on time and "no show", pay it late, even once and it's all over your credit report for the next seven years.