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Literary Answer:

Since "Varney the Vampire" was published in 1847 there has been an endless number of stories about vampires in print and in movies, each being more outrageous than the one before it. The classic example is Dracula by Bram Stoker and the modern cinema incarnations of Twilight and the Vampire Diaries.

Scientific Answer:

No scientific evidence has ever been provided to support the existence of human vampires. Repeated studies into the subject by parapsychologists and monsterologists have revealed no factual basis whatsoever. Actual biological vampires do exist: parasites such as mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, bedbugs, leeches, and the vampire bat of South America (Desmodus rotundus).

However, the absence of an actual pathology has not prevented historical and continued belief in such creatures. This includes the allure of romantic fiction and many cases of psychological/physiological identification with the concept.

Input allegedly from Cal Tech: Perhaps apocryphal, the legend of medical indications lending themselves to the appearance of vampirism were bandied about the Cal Tech bars in the 1990's, as reported by Joseph Wambaugh. The basis for this was the way an uncommon genetic disease called Porphyria works. Porphyria is a hereditary disease that relates to the way your body generates heme -- part of the respiratory pigment, hemoglobin. Heme is a porphyrin, over-produced in this disease.

  • Porphyria, being genetic disorder, may occur with greater frequency in small, enclosed populations. Places like Transylvania come to mind...
  • Porphyria induces a photo-dermatitis which can cause terrible blisters to appear, which look like burned skin, and this in turn generates a justifiable fear of exposure to sunlight.
  • Drinking blood slows porphyrin production, so it's conceivable that victims who knew this would seek blood sources. Wambaugh suggests cows but..
  • Garlic appears to block an enzyme that inhibits or removes porphyrin, hence the negative reaction to garlic (quinine does this too -- so never give a vampire a gin and tonic!).
  • Porphyria attacks sometimes manifest with significant personality changes. Also, blood pressure often drops, which might explain the pale countenance.
  • Don't give this rather fascinating speculation too much credence :}
  • Citation, Delta Star by Joseph Wambaugh, and the NIH pages on Porphyria.
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Q: Do vampires exist
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