Do vampires have a shadow

Updated: 9/16/2023
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No they don't. This is a way to tell them apart from humans.

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Q: Do vampires have a shadow
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Do vampires cast a shadow?

Vampires do not cast a shadow. They do not have a reflection either.

Do the vampires have a thing against shadow hunters And what are the shadow hunter's weaknesses?

Yes, the vampires do have a thing against the shadow hunters because of the powers that they possess.

Do half vampires have a shadow?

Yes. Vampires have shadows, it's not as if there invisible or anything.

How many types of vampires are there?

just 1, if you don't count the shadow watcher of dracul's descendent.

What kinds of vampires are there?

are vampires true are vampires true

What episode from Yu-Gi-Oh gx with the vampire?

i dont know the exact episode.but i do know that it is season 2 or three with the shadow riders.the vampires name is Camula.and she is actually a girl.

Debate on Vampires Are Real Are Not?

yes vampires are real, bats are vampires. but human vampires are not real

What is the collective noun for vampires?

Some collective nouns for vampires are a vein of vampires or a clot of vampires.

Do real vampires have the same powers as twilight vampires?

There is no such a thing as vampires... but there is such a thing as vampire bats. And no, vampires do not have the same powers as Twilight vampires do.

Do vampires turn animals into vampires?

no vampires venom is deadly to animals

Are there vampires in the Philippines?

Of course there are vampires in the Philippines, there are vampires almost everywhere.

Can people create vampires?

No, only vampires can make new vampires