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Do veterinarians use computers on the job?

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How do veterinarians use reading in their job?


What do veterinarians do on computers?

Most veterinarians maintain electronic records, and have computer programs to track billing. In addition, there are several good resources for veterinarians on the internet.

Do veterinarians have job security?

Veterinarians have, on average, moderate job security - if they are competent at their job and are in a clinic with a solid business plan, they can be relatively confident that they will have a job as long as they want it. However, changing demographics and economic realities have forced veterinarians to close clinics and relocate, particularly large animal veterinarians in the Midwest, Plains and Rocky Mountains.

What jobs use computers'?

Virtually every job in modern society uses computers.

Do veterinarians need to like animals?

Yes veterinarians must like animals to do a good job.

What is a veterinarians job like?

Veterinarians help animals to get better and help people from getting diseases.

Do veterinarians have a high job satisfaction?

the have an extremely high satisfaction in their job.

Why is it important to know how to use computer?

Computers are a source of communication. Computers are an important part of many occupations. It is advisable to learn to use computers to function well at a job.

How do veterinarians use technology in there work?

Vets commonly use scanners to scan pet microchips ("Pet IDs"). They also use special computers to determine the health of animals (in severe cases).

How do you use the Fibonacci sequence in a job?

You use the sequence in making robots and programing computers.

What tasks does a veterinarians have to get the job done?

veterinarians have many job tasks, they have to make sure that the animals are healthy, they have to diagnoise the animals that are sick and they have to clean and bathe the animals...and much more

Why would a veterinarians job be enjoyable?

Many veterinarians enjoy helping animals and their owners by working to ensure the animal is healthy.

Do you need on the job training to be a veterinarian?

Veterinarians needs hands-on technical training, but this is usually received during vet school. However, as with any job, veterinarians hone their skills and techniques through repetition and practice on the job.

What is the national job openings for veterinarians each year?


Do veterinarians like their job?

Yes, almost all veterinarians like their jobs. They had to go school for many years to get their license. If they didn't like the job, they would probably find a new career.

What are some quotes veterinarians use?

Veterinarians tend to not use quotes, unless that is part of the clinic culture and environment they are trying to create.

What is work equipment?

Something you use at your job to get the job done. Welding torches, chef knives, and computers can all be counted as such.

What organizations use veterinarians?

Animal shelters, zoos and circuses are some of the types of organizations that use veterinarians. In addition to those, private citizens use them, too.

What are some examples of jobs that use computers?

A job is a a web designer , web seacher . :)

Veterinarians job in an Animal Emergency Clinic?

threating the sick and wounded animals

How much math do veterinarians use?


Do veterinarians use precalculus when practicing?

Veterinarians do occasionally use precalculus when practicing. This is because math and science are huge components of practicing veterinary medicine.

Why learn about computers?

why learn about any technology? perhaps so you can use it better or get a better job.

Do veterinarians use nurses?

Yes, although in the United States they are referred to as vet tech (veterinary technicians) or vet assistants rather than veterinary nurses. However, the job is analogous to a nurse's job and duties.

Do veterinarians get hurt on their job?

Yes, veterinarians can and do get hurt treating animals. Small animal veterinarians tend to have needle sticks, slips/falls, bites from aggressive animals. Large animal veterinarians also have needle sticks and slips/falls, but are at more risk for injury from exposure to the elements and kicks from animals.