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Do warm blooded animals emit radiation?

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Everything, alive or not, emits infra-red radiation, the warmer they are, the more they emit

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What kind of electromagnetic radiation do all warm bodies emit?

Warm bodies emit infrared radiation.

What can warm blooded animals do that cold blooded animals can not?

Say that they are warm blooded.

Why do animals and people give off electromagnetic radiation?

We are warm enough to emit infrared rays.

What types of animals are warm-blooded?

Animals that are warm-blooded are the mammals and birds.Mammals.

Are monkeys warm or cold blooded animals?

They are warm blooded, animals such as reptiles are cold blooded

Is toads warm blooded animals?

No, they are not. They are amphibians and amphibians are "warm-blooded" animals.

What is the name of warm blooded animals?

The names of the warm blooded animals is dinosaurs.

Are crab warm blooded animals?

yes crabs are warm blooded animals

Are animals warm blooded?

Some animals are, and some are not. Mammals are warm blooded. Reptiles are cold blooded.

Are animals in this group warm- blooded cold-blooded?

Warm blooded

Do warm blooded animals take care of their young?

Warm blooded animals take care of their young cold blooded animals do not.

How do warm and cold blooded animals differ?

Cold blooded animals do not control their internal body temperature. Warm blooded animals do.

What group of animals are warm blooded?

Mammals and birds are both warm blooded animals.

What are facts about warm blooded animals?

mammals are warm blooded

Which invertebrates are warm blooded?

dinosaurs are the animals which are warm blooded.

Are ans cold blooded animals or warm blooded?

well they can be cold blooded and warm blooded

What is the difference between a warm blooded and cold blooded animals?

The difference is that cold-blooded animals cannot control their temperature. Warm-blooded animals maintain a constant temperature no matter what the temperature around them is. For example a fish is cold-blooded and we humans are warm-blooded. We are mammals, all mammals are warm-blooded. Reptiles are cold-blooded. In other words, warm blooded animals have a constant body temperature while cold blooded animals do not.

Invertebrates are warm and cool blooded animals?

no invertebrates are animals which have no backbone and are cold blooded and vertebrates are animals with backbone but can be cold and warm blooded

Is a jaguar warm or cold blooded?

It's a mammal so Warm bloodedA jaguar is a mammal, therefore warm-blooded.warm blooded animals

Are tigers cold blooded animals?

No they are warm blooded animals.

What is the difference of cold blooded animals and warm blooded animals?

The temperatures in the surface are different.Warm blooded animals are warm like person while the cold blooded animals have cold skin.

Are mammals cold blooded animals?

Mammals are not cold blooded.They are warm blooded.

Are animals warm or cold blooded?

Animals are both! Some may be warm blooded and some may be cold blooded!

Are land animals warm blooded and sea animals cold blooded?

No not all land and sea creatures are warm blooded

Are euglena warm blooded animals?

Euglena are not warm blooded animals, however they need to stay warm to live. They also can live inside of a warm blooded animal.

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