Do wiccans believe in a Satan?


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No, if anyone has told you differently, then i wouldn't regard them as a reliable source. Wiccan's follow the Goddess and the Horned God. The word horned is used loosly in this case, meaning antlered. this loose usage has probably pushed forward the untruth that Wiccan's believe in Satan. To summarize:

♦ Wiccans do not believe in Satan

♦ Wiccans do not even acknowledge the existence of "Satan"

♦ If anyone tells you differently, tell them to learn their facts.

No, Wiccans or any other Witches do not believe in Satan. Wicca and Witchcraft are based on beliefs in the forces of nature and/or in some Pagan beliefs, and are much older than Judeo-Christian-Islamic mythology about Satan.

In essence, Witchcraft is a combination of Pantheism and Paganism, while Wicca is a specific spiritual movement, based on some ancient matriarchal beliefs in the Great Goddess Of Nature (Mother Goddess)...and in some Wiccan denominations, in Divine couple - Horned God and Great Goddess.

There are also some Witches who worshiped pagan deities of ancient pantheons, and some solitary Witches are basically "atheistic" - they belive in the Power of the mind, or in the Energy of the Universe, or simply, in the Force of the Nature.