Wicca is a belief system introduced by Gerald Gardner in the 1950's and loosely based on the reconstruction of pre-Christian traditions. Wicca is a spiritual path that affirms the existence of supernatural powers (magic) and of both male and female gods who are inherent in nature. All practitioners of Wicca are witches, but not all witches are practitioners of Wicca. Wicca refers to the recognized religion but is not the sole example of pagan beliefs. The one discernible difference between Wicca and other various pagan paths is the practitioners strict adherence to the Wiccan Rede.

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Wicca humidor box?

A humidor box is a storage container. I don't understand your reference to Wicca?


Are Wiccans vegetarians?

That is the same as asking if people in general are vegetarian. Some Wiccans are most definitely vegetarian or vegan, but a good number are also steak-lovers and burger fanatics. Just like everyone else. :-)


What do wiccans wear?

Whatever they want to, unless they're in a coven that requires a certain dresscode.


How do you convert a Wiccan to Christianity?

My first question here is "Why would you want to?"

A person's spiritual path is their own personal business. Converting someone else is not just unadvisable but unethical.

Wicca is not a cult nor is it wicked, harmful or sinful. Most practitioners of Wicca and other pagan paths are kind, caring, ethical people… It is unrealistic to make a blanket statement about All practitioners. As with any group, there are those who are do not live up to the ideals.

I recommend you look carefully at the person you think you need to convert. If they are living a good, ethical life, it is not up to you, or anyone other than that person to force a change of spiritual path.

To quote Siana Lynn Darrow… "If by worshiping a god or gods one become a person of morality and kindness, then the name by which you call that god or gods becomes of no consequence whatsoever."


First of all, when meeting a Wiccan, do not accuse him/her of worshipping the Devil, just because he/she believes in practicing witchcraft. Satanist witches worship the Devil. Wiccan witches worship pagan deities such as a goddess or a god(who although is usually described as having horns, is not the Devil, but, most usually believed to be Pan or Hearn or some other pre-christian pagan deity).

Ask him/her why he/she has chosen to worship deities nobody has believed in or worshipped for thousands of years as opposed to Christ, Who Sacrificed Himself for our Salvation?

A lot of Wiccans include the Virgin Mary in their goddess pantheon, even though Christians honour her as a the Mother Of God, but, definitely not as a goddess to be worshipped. Ask them why they choose to worship Our Lord's Mother, but, not the Lord Himself?

If the Wiccan talks to you about the "Burning Times," & about all the millions of witches who were killed during that time period, tell them that although it was wrong to execute so many innocent people, on both sides of the Atlantic, that a)it was in the thousands, in a period of about 3 or 4 centuries, & b)most of the people who were killed were not even witches, but, people who were wrongly accused of practicing witchcraft.

By contrast, most people who have been killed for being Christians **WERE** devout Christians, who chose death, rather than give up their faith in Christ. Ironically, many Wiccans do not even believe in martyrdom, despite all their talking about the "Burning Times." Tell them that a god that is not worth giving your life up for, is a god not worshipping at all.


Are there any Wiccan supply stores in Wellington Florida?

I suggest you visit the website witchvox. You do not need an account and it's a directory of stores around the world more or less.


Can you get possessed by evil spirits if you are doing white magic or wicca?

If you are a believer in that sort of things then I'm not going to lie to you, yes, you can. I know people who have been through this sort of thing and have had to have their houses cleansed. One of my friends aunts is a ghost whisperer.

Witches who do not cast the circle properly (when it is necessary) are at a high risk of getting possessed.

Witches who work with Goetia, or those who summon spirits often, or those who communicate with spirits using Ouija-boards, mediums etc. have a risk of possession.

If you work with lesser entities, you shouldn't work alone and you could be able to banish them at the drop of a hat.

If someone does their magic without the help of lesser entities or spirits, and uses sources of energy such as Natural energies, Personal Life force, Crystals etc. have a very low possibility of getting possessed. Casting the circle properly and not lighting candles on bare floor (using small candle stands) minimize the such risks. Protective amulets, talismans and banishing rituals are added protection for an occultist.

A Pagan Perspective.I have been an ethical practitioner of magic for more than 40 years, and I can say with a fair amount of certainty, that the conscientious and ethical practice of magic and witchcraft does not put you in danger from evil spirits.

The belief that magic and its practice, is basically wrong/evil/bad is usually espoused by those with little true knowledge or understanding of the craft.

Most practitioners are good/honest/caring people who follow one of many spiritual paths that are not that much different from other spiritual paths.

Outsiders, dabblers and the uninitiated (by that I mean the uninformed) can and often do get themselves into difficulties by not following the basic rules, not being honest about their motivations and goals, or undertaking works they did not write themselves and/or research carefully enough to be certain of the outcome.


What do you need for a basic Wiccan altar?

There is really nothing that is required for an altar, but here are a few suggestions.

You will need Two Candles for the God and the Goddess:

If you can find, two iconic figures to represent the God and the Goddess.

A Pentacle:

You can get a metal pentacle made, or a pentacle made with wax, or even a pentacle drawn on a paper. Some people carve the pentacle on the alter itself.

A saucer of Water and Salt:

Representations of the elements Water (water) and Earth (salt)

Some people use a sea shell, you can also use a ceramic or glass dish. Plastic is not so good for this. You can use any common salt (NaCl), but Sea Salt is preferable.

Incense burner and Incense or a bundle of Sage:

Representations of the elements Fire and Air (smoke)

Traditionally, Charcoal incense Burner / Censor is used with powdered Incense if not a bundle of Sage (dried herb) is used. If charcoal is not widely available, South Asian pagans use Coconut shells to burn Incense.

Ritual Tools:Athame and/or Wand:

Athame (a black handled knife used for ceremonial purposes only, not usually sharpened) or the wand is the element of the God. Either one of these is used to cast the circle.

Chalice and/or Cauldron:

Chalice ( a cup used to hold water or wine) or the Cauldron (used to hold water or safely contain a ritual fire) is the vessel of the Goddess. This is used to contain the ritual fluid.


The white handled knife, sharpened and used to cut ( string, herbs, etc) or carve (candles, wood etc.)

Book of Shadows

A personal, usually hand-written book with Rituals, spells, incantations, and recipes researched and gathered together by each practitioner for their own use.

Other Miscellaneous Items

Candles, herbs, paper and pen, some Earth and a source of Fire as well and anything else you may need for a specific spell or Ritual.

These are the most basic Wiccan tools you may need. There are many other tools you can use according to the ritual Sabbat / Esbat / Ritual you are doing.


If you would invoke a special spirit in the Ritual apart from summoning a lesser spirit, you would specially need a Wand apart from an Athame (Athame is suitable to summon a lesser spirit, but a wand is needed to invoke. If you don't know the difference, Refrain!).

If you would burn a fire inside the circle, or do a spell that needs a container for a large amount of water or a liquid, you can use the Cauldron.

A specially reserved Ritual Broom (Besome) or asperging liquid is good to Clean the Space.

These are the Wiccan tools known to most solitary/eclectic Wiccans.

There are some more special Wiccan ritual tools that are known to the Initiated Wiccans in Covens and those who are lucky to learn some secrets. That knowledge is available beyond the second degree of a Traditional Wiccan Coven.


What do wiccan believe about organ donations?

This is dependent upon the persons own perspective of organ donations.


Do wiccans believe in a Satan?

No, if anyone has told you differently, then i wouldn't regard them as a reliable source. Wiccan's follow the Goddess and the Horned God. The word horned is used loosly in this case, meaning antlered. this loose usage has probably pushed forward the untruth that Wiccan's believe in Satan. To summarize:

♦ Wiccans do not believe in Satan

♦ Wiccans do not even acknowledge the existence of "Satan"

♦ If anyone tells you differently, tell them to learn their facts.

No, Wiccans or any other Witches do not believe in Satan. Wicca and Witchcraft are based on beliefs in the forces of nature and/or in some Pagan beliefs, and are much older than Judeo-Christian-Islamic mythology about Satan.

In essence, Witchcraft is a combination of Pantheism and Paganism, while Wicca is a specific spiritual movement, based on some ancient matriarchal beliefs in the Great Goddess Of Nature (Mother Goddess)...and in some Wiccan denominations, in Divine couple - Horned God and Great Goddess.

There are also some Witches who worshiped pagan deities of ancient pantheons, and some solitary Witches are basically "atheistic" - they belive in the Power of the mind, or in the Energy of the Universe, or simply, in the Force of the Nature.


What is a coven?

A coven is a gathering, usually of witches, though it may also be applied to such things as vampires. In Wicca, a coven is a group of individuals who worship together.


What are Amy Lee's views on Wicca?

Amy Lee is very open minded on all religions, she is a Christian but her closest friend Sully Erna of Godsmack is Wiccan along with Jonathan Davis from Korn whom is close to her also.


What is the difference between Wicca and Science of Mind?

one is lead by a scented candle the other is lead by Tom Cruise

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What is the traditional candle ceremony for a Sweet 16 birthday?

Sweet 16 Candle lighting ceremony

The sweet 16-candle lighting is a ceremony where the birthday girl lights of total of 16 candles. She lights each candle in representation of someone who has made a difference in her life. As she lights each candle she can say who the person is and why they have made a difference in her life (May want to keep each one short, as she does have to mention 16 people) or you can listed the 16 people in her programs. The couples in the ceremony are referred to as the court of honor.

After the introduction of each couple in her court of honor, the birthday girl walks in with her escort (she should be wearing slippers and should not have on her tiara). As a gift to the audience, the birthday girl along with her court of honor presents 1-2 dance routines; traditionally they dance to one slow song and one fast song. There is a crowning ceremony done by the father and Godfather (or uncle), each will carry a small pillow, one with her tiara and one with her shoes (aka-glass slippers). There should be a chair or swing waiting for her to sit in to make a change from her slippers/sneakers into her shoes/pumps. The father and Godfather (or uncle) will assist in the changing of the shoes, and then they will crown her with the tiara. The father will escort her to the dance floor and present his daughter to the world as a young woman, who will then share in a father/daughter dance. After the father/daughter dance is the candle lighting ceremony. The audience sings happy birthday to the birthday girl. Then the party begins! Open dance floor and food/drinks for everyone.


How do you find other people interested in the Wiccan religion when you are new to the area?

A friend of mine did Wicca for a while and she told me about a website where she could find people in her area that do Wicca also. The site is called myspace; just go on there and make a profile.

You can find connections to numerous Wiccans through the websites listed under "Web Links" to the left. You can learn about the religion, see how it may effect your life, or make it whole. You may even find some people close to you that you may meet with in person.

Well, that depends on where you're at. Some cities or towns have covens that are very open to the public, whereas some are very secretive about it. Some may not even have a coven and all Wiccans there are solitary. I would say you should go to schools, colleges, bookstores (New Age section), any places that sales incense, candles, herds, etc. or anywhere where many people gather. Maybe Halloween stores. Find people who wear pentagrams, they may have answers. You can always go to online Wiccan sites to talk to people, see what they know.

A useful hint: Perhaps wear a pentagram yourself, people may identify you as a Wiccan and tell you what you want to know. Another MOST useful hint: Avoid churches!

In our area the local paper has an area under Inter-Faith Worship. All of the "new Age" book stores have bulletin boards where you can find information on the local Pagans and both the University and College have listings on their web-sites.

I do not recommend the "wear a pentagram" school of thought as not everyone who is pagan wears one (nor do they approach others who wear one) nor do all people wearing a Pentagram follow a Pagan path. If you are serious about contacting others of the path, ask the Universe, you'll be surprised what will "drop in your lap".

The best way to network with people practicing Wicca is to head to Witch Vox . I've tried myspace, meetup, and several other sites, but that is the best one, in my opinion. Easy to register, and very easy to find others near you.

In our area the local paper has an area under Inter-Faith Worship. All of the "new Age" book stores have bulletin boards where you can find information on the local Pagans and both the University and College have listings on their web-sites.

Look for contacts in your local new age store, and try setting up a "Moot" - local gathering for likeminded folk. You can advertise it via posters and internet forums. You'd be surprised how quickly this can grow.

A couple ways to meet fellow Pagans, Wiccans is to do a search for local relevant meetups. Meetups are US nationwide and are absolutely free to join. Its as they say quick and painless. You just need an email and a desire to join.

A different method is to check the yellow pages , phone directory for Pagan, Wiccan groups. One can find like minded people by searching Facebook.


What is Wicca?

Wicca, sometimes called "The Craft" or "The Craft of the Wise" is one of many earth-based religions. The religion which is closest to Wicca in America is probably Native American spirituality. Traditional Wicca was founded by Gerald Gardner, a British civil servant, who wrote a series of books on the religion in the 1940's. It contains references to Celtic deities, symbols, seasonal days of celebration, etc. Added to this were components of ceremonial magic and practices of the Masonic Order. A more recent form is eclectic Wicca which involves a combination of Wiccan beliefs and practices, combined with other Pagan and non-Pagan elements. The various traditions of Wicca are part of the Pagan or Neopagan group of earth-based religions.

Because Wicca is such an open-minded religion, only the very basics are shared by all practitioners: worshipping both a Goddess and a God, revering nature, practicing magic to better people's lives, and abiding by the Wiccan Rede. Most other details vary considerably. Some consider initiation mandatory to be a Witch, others do not. Some do not use specific names for Deities and simply call them "Goddess and God", while others pick names that suit their beliefs in ancient mythologies. Some worship in groups called "covens", but many (if not most) are solitary practitionners. There are even a few witches who don't practice magic at all and focus only on pagan worship, yet they may still call themselves Wiccan if their beliefs fit in the syncretistic "constellation" of Wicca.

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What are the country's most popular newspapers?

In the USA, some of the most popular newspapers are... The Wall Street Journal The New York Times The Chicago Tribune Kansas City Star Boston Globe USA Today I am not familiar with west coast papers. Can someone else add more? Thought I might add my bit. I did find this website ( http://www.thepaperboy.com/usa-top-100-newspapers.cfm) it claims to have a list of the most popular papers in the US in 1999. I don't imagine that the list has changed much though. It sites the Audit Bureau of Circulations as it's source. This second site seems to be a subscription only resource for those in the paper business. I will say that having grown up on the west coast, I am familiar with The Los Angeles Times, The Oregonian, and The Seattle Times. I am not sure how popular they are, but I don't think that I would be so familiar with them, if they didn't have a large readership and circulation.

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What is an athame?

An athame is a ceremonial dagger used in "Wicca" religious or magical rites.


How do you become a wicca?

You don't "become" wicca. All depending on the branch of it, you'll have to join a coven, or become solitary. Either way, you have to have a dedication ceremony, and a consecration ceremony, and sometimes even a reason for intent ceremony. If you're really serious about that, and not just doing it to be different, witchvox.com is a great online community.

(This isn't my answer but check out my contribution in the 'discussion' section. Regards, moonchild1989)

Typically someone wanting to convert to Wicca studies and practices for a year and a day before initiating them-self into the faith or joining a coven.


I identify myself as a practicing Wiccan. I got into it by research, creating my own Book Of Shadows, and practicing The Craft solitary. There are many websites that will lead you into the Wiccan way of life. Check out the related links below for my favorite.Here is one below.

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Are there any Wiccan chat rooms?

Wiccan Chat RoomsWicca-chat is a good Wiccan chat room. The link is in Related Links below. If you Google "wiccan chat rooms" some popular ones come up on top of the list.

there are other chatrooms another is #innercircle on the icq net work

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Is there a Wiccan Coven in Alabama?

Your best bet is to try the local new age/ pagan/ wiccan stores in your local area. Most will sell Pagan magazines with contact information of local organisations, along with notices in the windows and other useful information.

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Is bowling popular?

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It is ranked number one as an indoor sport

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Yes theres 52 million people who bowl a year or more.

Third Answer:

Bowling is the highest participated sport in the world. It is very popular in Asian and European countries, as well as the US.

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What are the pros and cons of the Wiccan religion?

Wiccan Religion - Pros
  • You feel more connected to nature and life. Wicca is a nature religion.
  • There can be more believable results than pure faith religions.
  • You get more positive about yourself and abilities.
  • You get more positive about life and other people.
  • You can help people as well as yourself.
  • You feel as if you have more control in life and what happens around you.
  • You will develop more skills as you go along.
  • You feel there is someone or something listening to you and guiding you.
  • You get a sense of purpose in your life.
  • You get a sense of purpose in life in general
  • You're the boss and it's up to you what you do or don't believe.
Wiccan Religion - Cons
  • It is 'a way of life'- due to having beliefs and actions intertwined in order to 'work'.
  • It does take every day practice and dedication to really get good.
  • You have to have or develop an ability to believe in more than coincidences. (Although this can also be a pro)
  • You have to be able to equalize all your emotions no matter what you want, why you want it, or how much you want it. You cannot do spells based on emotions like anger or jealously.
  • You are encouraged to spend much time and effort to improve your wisdom and powers, which...
  • Can isolate you from other people, which may cause loneliness. The best way to combat this is to manage your time. Set aside a specific time which you practice, be it before bed, in the middle of the day, or right after you awake, whenever is convenient.
  • Can harm your regular work or study, but again, time management is a must.
  • May cause disappointment if you do not succeed. However, sometimes the result you are looking for does not come out how you want to. For example, you do a spell to bring love into your life. You expect a lover, but instead you get a puppy.

It is important to remember that Wicca is still a religion and has Gods, Goddesses, rules and need for faith like all religions.

A good deal of the older, more experienced practitioners seem to be less willing to help you along your path. There is a great deal of personal responsibility in the Wiccan religion. However, there are people who don't mind helping someone new to the Craft, giving tips and such. They will not do it for you; each path is different and unique unto the practitioner.

There are a few things that fall in the "both" category.

  • You are responsible for your actions. You reap what you sow. If you do a negative spell, you receive negativity. It you do a positive spell, you will receive positive results. This is a very, very important aspect of Wicca.
  • Your magickal results will differ. Again, if you do a spell for love, you might get a boyfriend/girlfriend, or you might get something else, like a puppy. The Gods/Universe will give you what you need, but what you need isn't necessarily what you want.
  • You are in direct contact with the Gods.This seems to be like a pro, but the con side is that if you mess up, you get the full punishment of your God or Goddess. They will come straight to you, and demand answers.
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Do Goths believe in Satan?

Answer 1: if they are a christian, yes. goths come from all cultures and greatly vary in religious beliefs, some may in fact be. if you are wondering what REAL goths are check this page out

Answer 2:

Satan is a creation of the god of Christendom, Islam and some Jews. Goths were an ethnicity- not to be confused with a religion.


What is the difference between wiccan and voodoo?

Wiccan's believe that you must do good to people. Karma is huge. If you perform black magic, or cast a spell to harm others, then harm will be done unto you. Voodoo is a form of black magic. It can be used to harm others, or make them do things, which was notin the mother's plan for all creation.


What is the wicca meaning of a red circle around the moon?

what is the Wicca definition of red circle in moon?


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