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No, wild turkeys do not mate for life. Turkeys travel in same sex flocks. During the breeding season, March and April, one male will find a flock of females and mate with several of the female turkeys from the flock.

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What is the difference between turkeys and wild turkeys?

Reg. turkeys are nicer. Wild turkeys are crazy. Turkeys are farm raised and wild turkeys roam in the wild.

Why are wild turkeys called wild turkeys?

They are called wild turkeys because they are wild and roam in the wild

Can wild turkeys be eaten?

Wild turkeys are edible assuming you are not concerned about the possibility of their carrying pathogens. In some municipalities wild life is protected by law and you may not be permitted to capture them

What do you call a group of wild turkeys?

A rafter of wild turkeys.

Do turkeys and ducks mate?

Yes, but ducks mate with ducks and turkeys mate with turkeys. In rare cases, a turkey may hatch from an unfertilized egg, a process called parthenogenesis.

How long do 'turkeys' live?

Wild turkeys can live up to 10 years of age.Wild turkeys can live up to 10 years of age.Wild turkeys can live up to 10 years of age.Wild turkeys can live up to 10 years of age.Wild turkeys can live up to 10 years of age.Wild turkeys can live up to 10 years of age.

When do turkeys mate?

turkeys mate when tehy feel like ahving an egg come out of thier vaginas.

Where do wild turkeys live?

*wild turkeys live in forests and clearings.

Is a wild turkey colorblind?

wild turkeys are not but some other turkeys are

Do wild turkeys weigh more than domestic turkeys?

Wild turkeys do not weigh more than domestic turkeys on average. Wild turkeys move around a lot looking for food, domestic turkeys don't have to, causing them to get heavier.

What state in the US does not have wild turkeys?

The state of the Hawaii has no wild turkeys. All other 49 states have wild turkeys that native to the area.

Why are there no wild turkeys in Alaska?

There are no wild turkeys in Alaska because the environment does not support them. These turkeys cannot stand the cold.

How does a wild turkey attract a mate?

Male turkeys try to find an entire flock of females to mate with. To attract the females, he will strut, fan out his tail, and gobble. If attracted, he'll mate with several females.

What are baby wild turkeys called?


Do wild turkeys roost in the rain?

I know all about wild turkeys, if it is raining turkeys will either ignore it or roost in their tree.

How do wild and domesticated turkeys differ?

Wild turkeys can fly, unlike domesticated ones. Wild turkeys are more intelligent than domesticated turkeys, but the domesticated ones taste better. (in my opinion) Domesticated turkeys are much easier to acquire for food purposes than wild turkeys, which you need to hunt for yourself.

What state doesn't have wild turkeys?

Alaska is the only state without wild turkeys. Many people think Hawaii would not have them but Hawaii does have wild turkeys.

Do wild turkeys eat baby rabbits?

Wild turkeys do not eat baby rabbits. Wild turkeys do not eat any kind of meat because they are vegetarians.

Can turkeys fly?

yes turkeys of all types fly. i see wild ones fly all the time and my domestic turkeys fly just as well as the wild ones! no turkeys can not fly of there wight wild turkeys have less wight

Does Hawaii have turkeys?

Wild turkeys that were introduced, yes, but not naturally occurring turkeys.

What biome do wild turkeys live in?

Wild turkeys usually live in conifer and hardwood forests. Wild turkeys are often found in the temperate and terrestrial biomes.

What is the difference between wild turkeys and farm turkeys?

Physically there's not much difference between the heritage breeds of domesticated turkeys and wild turkeys. They can both fly, naturally mate and have the ability to learn to forage and live without humans. They are similar weight and proportion. The domesticated heritage turkeys tend to get bigger than the wild turkeys because they are fed more consistently and have been bred for size. Heritage and wild turkeys go from hatch to slaughter in 6-10 months. Broad breasted turkeys, currently the type of turkey that is most farmed, are unable to fly, cannot mate naturally (must be artificially insemnated) and have a faster weight gain than wild or heritage turkeys, typically going from hatch to slaughter in 4 or 5 months. A heritage turkey breed is on that is similar or identical to one that was domesticated and present on farms 50 to 100 years ago. Examples of heritage turkey breeds are narragansett, blue slate, bourbon red, standard bronze and royal palm. Examples of wild turkeys are eastern wild turkey, Rio grande wild turkey, merriams wild turkey. Examples of currently domesticated are broad breasted white turkey, broad breasted bronze turkey.

Who served the wild turkeys on the first Thanksgiving?

Pilgrims served the wild turkeys on first Thanksgiving.

What is the collective nouns for turkeys?

Collective nouns for turkeys are:a brood of turkeysa clutch of turkeysa crop of turkeysa dole of turkeysa dule of turkeysa flock of turkeysa gang of turkeysa herd of turkeysa mob of turkeysa muster of turkeysa posse of turkeys (wild males)a raffle of turkeysa raft of turkeysa rafter of turkeysa run of turkeys (wild)a school of turkeysOn the lighter side : Our forebears would have called them "Thanksgiving Day"!

What name is given to a group of wild turkeys?

A group of turkeys is called a flock of turkeys.