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Q: Do will controllers work on a GameCube?
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What off brand controllers are compatable with my GameCube?

All controllers designed for the GameCube will work with it. Nintendo64 controllers will not.

Will my GameCube controllers from my GameCube fit into the Wii console or are they special controllers?

Your Game Cube controllers are designed to work wit your Wii.

Do GameCube controllers work on a Nintendo 64?


Do GameCube controllers work on the wii for Mario kart?

Yes, they do!

Will game cube controller work on wii?

Yes, the GameCube controller will work for the Nintendo Wii. Since the Wii can play GameCube games, it requires the use of the GameCube controller and Wii controllers will not work for GameCube games.Also, some Wii games such as Mario Kart Wii and Super Smash Bros Brawl also are compatible with GameCube controllers.

Does a Wii controller work on GameCube games?

No, Wii controllers don't have wires 2 connect 2 the gamecube

Do gamecube controllers have internal batteries?

Gamecube controllers that are licensed by Nintendo are wired and do not have batteries

How many controllers can you use with a gamecube?

You can use up to four controllers with a standard GameCube.

Can I buy extra controllers for my GameCube?

Yes, you can buy extra controllers that are compatible with your GameCube.

What is the maximum amount of controllers that can be hooked to a GameCube?

Four is the maximum amount of controllers that you can use with a GameCube.

Does a camecube work without the controllers?

Gamecube is not some kind of new high-tech motion senser device. its an older console and needs controllers in order to work

Does the brand Cybergear provide Gamecube controllers with the easiest handgrips for playing?

Cybergear does not produce Gamecube controllers at this time.