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Yes. They are really annoying. -DJ Craig

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โˆ™ 2005-11-30 13:25:25
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Q: Do wma sound files play on xanga?
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Can the Zune software support .wav files?

Zune does not support .wav files. You need to convert them into .wma lossless files for Zune to be able to play them. Supposedly the reason for this is that .wma files are smaller, with no loss of sound quality.

Do psp play wma files?

yes it does but you have to enable the "wma playback"you can find that in system settings

What does wma mean on your MP3 player?

WMA is the Microsoft version of compressed sound files. The Bill Gates equivalent of mp3.

Can you play mp4 and wma on alcatel ot-800?

yes. OT-800 can play mp4 files. but i haven't tried yet playing wma.

Will wma files play on an ipod touch?

No. The only video format that iPods will be able to recognize and play are mp4 files

Can lg t300 play wma files?

Yes but not WMV (i think...)

What mac based program can play a wma file?

To play WMA audio files and WMV video files, get Flip Player or VLC. Free versions are available.To convert WMA audio files and WMV video files to other formats use VLC.

Can the Pioneer CDX-P680 6-Disc CD Changer play Mp3 files?

The Pioneer CD-P680 can play MP3 files, as well as WMA files.

The JVC KD-R200 plays WMA's.Is there any real benefit to that?

The WMA format is in wide use. If you have a Zune you likely listen to WMA-encoded music. It's very handy to be able to play WMA files as well as MP3 files.

Can an iPod touch play wma?

The iPod Touch does not support proprietary formats such as WMA. Such files will need to be converted to standard MP3s to use on an iPod.

Do iPod play wma files?

no but if you try to put it on itunes it SHOULD automatically convert it

Which boomboxes play MP3 files too?

Sony boomboxes play MP3 files as well as WMA files but can also cost a fair bit more than other boomboxes.

Is it possible to change AAC music files to WMA music files?

Yea there is. Search Google for "AAC to WMA audio convertors"

How do you convert wma files to mp3?

The best way to convert wma to mp3 is by downloading software that will convert it for you.I suggest a website called download the software and it will convert it for you.

What is a WMA to MP3 converter?

WMA is a Windows patented audio compression technolology. MP3 stands for MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3. MP3 is used by most devices which can play music. WMA can only be used by some devices and players,such as Windows Media Player. A WMA to MP3 converter can be used to convert WMA files to MP3, e.g. to play a song from Windows Media Player on a smartphone.

Does the Zune 120 support flac music files?

Zune cannot play FLAC files. Anyway, you can convert FLAC to WMA or to MP3/MP3 with 320kbps in order to play FLAC on Zune.

Is it possible to change WMA music files to AAC music files?

Yes it is possible to convert these files : Go to the the link above and download the software.

Are iPods compatible with WMA and MP3 files?

MP3 files are definitely compatible with iPods, as are MP4 files. WMA files are NOT compatible and need to be converted into MP4 files. I recommend Kigo Video Converter, just be sure to change the output to custom MP4.

Does sony Ericsson's w550i support wma audio format if no then which?

does not support WMA.. all i know is that it supports MP3... you can download a software to convert Wma files into mp3

Can you convert a mp4 file to a WMA file?

Yes! Mp4 Files can be converted into wma files many softwares provide this facility but the software i like the most for this purpose is Pavtube Video Converter Ultaimte. It can convert MP4 to WMA with excellent quality.

What kind of files does windows movie maker make?

It produces .wma (for audio files) and .wmv (for video files).

Where can I find windows media player files on my computer?

do a search on your computer for *.wma .wma - windows media audio

Do most newer cars have CD players that play MP3 formatted CDs?

Not all do play mp3 files, you have to look at the radio some play mp3 and other wma files, Toyota 2005 and up play them, some Ford 2006 and up gm 2007 and up

Can you burn a wma file on DVD?

Yes, actually burning a wma files on DVD is similar to burning other videos on DVD. The operations are similar. The only problem is that if your DVD burner supports wma format. I use wondershare video to DVD burner to burn my dvds and it works well for me. It supports avi, wma, mpg, mpeg, rm, rmvb, flv and so on. While files from the DVD can be played on a computer they will not play on a standard DVD player.

Can you play mp3's on DVD-R's with the Alpine CDE102?

The Alpine CDE102 will indeed play MP3's on DVD-R and DVD-RW's, as well as WMA and WAV files.