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Q: Do women enjoy squirting
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Does any one know the answer to menopausal women squirting?

She's still capable of having an orgasm, despite menopause. And squirting is just how her body does it.

What does holden see out of the window of his hotel room?

a man in women's clothing and a couple squirting water at each other from their mouth's.

Is female squirting pleasurable?

Not the squirting itself but the orgasm that precedes it.

Do women enjoy deep throating?

I think very rarely. You can enjoy watching your partner enjoy it but it takes skills and and most women find it uncomfortable.

How do you differentiate peeing and squirting when she cums?

squirting doesn't come out of the pee hole.

Can a woman pass urine by mistake during squirting?

Yes, a woman can urinate by mistake during squirting and during orgasm. Squirting does not happen from the urethra.

Do squirting n peeing are the same?

They are different. Squirting is from vaginal mucosa. Peeing is from urethra.

Are there women who enjoy being abused by their male children?

In a world of 6 billion people, there are women who enjoy having their male children abuse them. They are an extremely small minority of women.

Does squirting affects pregnancy?

Squirting would not affect pregnancy. Much is still unknown about female ejaculation, however what has been discovered is that women who do experience this actually ejaculate, or squirt, non-urine fluid from the urethra. Since the urethra is outside of the vagina, it would have no ill effects on a pregnancy.

Is squirting semen form the vagina real?

Women can not 'squirt semen' because they simply do not have the parts that make semen. But they can 'ejaculate' some sort of substance from the vagina.

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