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Wonen do have a prostate gland, but it is much smaller than a male's prostate. Female prostate cancer, while possible is extremely rare.

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Q: Do women get prostate cancer
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Can women and men get prostate cancer?

Only men have a prostate gland. Actually women do have a prostate gland, but it is much smaller than a man's prostate, and women generally do not get prostate cancer.

How is a woman's prostate cancer treated?

women do not have a prostate

What are the chances of women having prostate cancer?

Zero. Women do not have a prostate gland.

Can women carry the prostate cancer gene?

No, the prostate cancer gene is only found in men.

Can women get colon cancer?

Yes they can. The only cancers women can't get are prostate and testicular cancer.

Is prostate cancer among men is equally as common as breast cancer is among woman?

I would not say prostate cancer is equally common in men as breast cancer in women, but prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men.

What did men do that women didn't yet?

Get prostate cancer.

Can women be a carrier of prostate cancer?

In a word, yes. The BRCA2 gene mutation is associated with some breast cancers and more aggressive prostate cancers. There are higer rates of men with prostate cancer in families with women who have had breast cancer. The BRCA mutations can be inherited, so yes: if a women has BRCA2 mutation she can pass it to her son which could predispose him to prostate cancer.

Can prostate cancer physically affect both men and women?

No. Women do NOT have prostates.

Prostate cancer among men is about as common as breast cancer is among women?


Prostate cancer among men is about as common as breast cancer is among women.?


Can women get prostate cancer?

Women do not classically get prostate cancer as cancer of the prostate is classified as a disease of the prostate gland of the male reproductive system. However, in 2002 the female Skene's Gland was officially renamed the female prostate as it was found to be homologous in function. Both male and female prostates produce Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) and contribute to the ejaculate fluid. Six cases of adenocarcinoma have been observed as originated from the female prostate that strongly resemble that of classical male prostate cancer. Serum tests showed elevated levels of PSA, typical in prostate cancer.

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