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Some do, some don't. What a person likes or dislikes is a very individual thing.


Some women do. Some men do also.

i know i like to suck toes

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โˆ™ 2009-10-10 16:24:21
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Q: Do women like their toes sucked?
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Does any women want to have there feet licked and toes sucked?

Most of the girls I have met love to have their toes sucked. I think out of more than 10 girls, only 1 did not like it, and most girls really got turned-on by it.

Does Britney Spears like her toes sucked?

She has said that she likes to have her feet kissed, so it would be safe to assume that she likes to have her toes sucked as well.

Why do teen girls like their toes licked and sucked on?

..............THEY DONT......................

Has Rihanna ever had her toes sucked?

No, but she has sucked another girls toes after the girl toe banged her butt with them.

Do women like to be sucked after sex?


Does Taylor Swift like to have her toes sucked?

Well, I don't know about you but in my head she does.

Do girls like there toes sucked?

some do but most would think it a strange request.

Do women like there nipples sucked?

Most do.

Do women like their tits sucked on?


Do women really like to have their tits sucked?

Normally, yes. Obviously some women differ. It increases arousal.

Do women like having their toes sucked?

AnswerFor the most part I would say "yes"..I've not met a lady who objected to it and have met many that absolutely loved it. Pretty, clean, pedicured toes are a great turn on for many men and women. My goal in life has always been to please the lady and then yourself. I once had a "stripper" ,whom I was giving an entertainers license to, say that her sister had told her that if she ever found a "toe man/foot man", to never let him go...AnswerBlech! Not all women relish having their toes sucked. You should probably check with the individual woman, rather than basing your actions on other people's experiences.

Do teen girls like there toes sucked?

some do, some dont. most probably dont mind if they really like you. girls are pretty forgiving and adaptable to their boyfriends

What movie did Sophia Vergara have her toes sucked?

The movie is called "Big Trouble"...............great scene

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Do women love having their vaginas sucked?

Love it!!!!!

Do most women have ugly toes?

That is a matter of opinion and depends on the culture. Women in good health, generally, have quite nice looking toes.

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Do women like to have their clitorises sucked?

It depends on the woman, but yes, many women do. That is probably where the most nerve endings are, so oral sex there should feel quite pleasurable.

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You can do his toes were like ogres

Do girls like their breasts sucked on?

yes they do they want more according to science some women get addited to that and tell a boy if they could suck on their breast ... most girls LOVE having their boobs sucked on during sex!!!

How do you make women want to let you suck their toes?

Tell her how much you like it and give her a foot massage first. You have to give her a reason and get her into the mood or she will feel silly sitting there when you suck on her toes enjoying it.

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toes are like people hiding behind your shoes

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