Do you believe in karma or what goes around comes around?

  • Karma or Christian faith ... yes it is true that 'what goes around comes around or 'the head of the snake will turn around and bite you in the butt.' I've lived a fairly long time and I've seen it over and over again where a person does wrong and never learns from their mistakes or they continue to hurt others will certainly get bitten sooner or later. Most people know right from wrong and if they do wrong sooner or later it will come back to harm them. If one gives off good Karma then they will receive the good back.
  • Karma is a feature of the Hindu religion; it measures the degree of virtue that a person has, and exerts an active influence over that person's destiny and future incarnation (this a similar idea to the Christian idea that people will be rewarded by heaven or punished by hell after death; in that sense, karma is like grace). Since I am not a religious person I do not think that karma is real, but your mileage may vary.