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Q: Do you blow dry or wash the hydrogen peroxide out of your hair?
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Is hydrogen peroxide safe as a mouth wash?


Can you wash and blow-dry your hair with pneumonia?

Can u wash your hair with having pneumonia

Will hydrogen peroxide mouth wash adulterate an oral fluid drug test?


How do you get dried blood out of clothes?

If it is WHITE put Hydrogen Peroxide on it and then bleach it, but if its not put Hydrogen peroxide then cold water, then just throw it in the wash with cold water, it has always worked for me.

Hydrogen peroxide mouth wash?

Is completely safe and is commonly used as a gargle agent.

How do you bleach dark brown to black hair to platinum blonde?

You use hydrogen peroxide. Spray desired parts of hair and let sit until dry, repeat spraying until you reach the color you want. Wash hair with deep conditioner.

How long it takes to wash and blow dry the hair?

it depends on how thick your hair is

How do you make your hair look lighter?

1 way to make your hair look lighter is wash your hair with the following... Step1 Squeeze pure lemon juice onto your hair. Step2 Go in the sun for maybe 45 mins. Step3. Wash your hair out with water. To get your hair really light you must repeat this process. You can also do it by washing your hair with baking soda and vinegar. You could look it up online. Another way to make your hair lighter is... First, you carefully pour peroxide over your head or soak let your hair soak in peroxide. Then, you sit in the sun until the peroxide dries and then you wash your hair. Peroxide lightens your hair faster than lemon juice so if you want your hair a lot lighter I suggest you use peroxide.

What will the doctor say if you stepped on a screw?

wash it out with hydrogen peroxide and put a band-aid on it to keep it from getting infected

What if you get hydrogen peroxide in your eye?

it hurts, alot. oh and wash with cold water and seek immediate medical attention

Why does hydrogen peroxide foam when you put it on a cut?

There is an enzyme in your body that breaks hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) into hydrogen (H2) and oxygen (O2). These are gases that form bubbles in the water from the hydrogen peroxide and fluids from your body. The idea is that this cleans wounds by getting under the dirt and other particles before being broken down. Then the bubbles lift the dirt and grime out of the wound to wash them away easier.

Does Wash Out Dye Overtake Peroxide?

I don't know but does Peroxide overtake wash out dye?