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When using it as a name please capitalize it.

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Q: Do you capitalize the word 'college' when refering to 'Randomtown College' in the sentence 'The college is very nice'?
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Do yo capitalize the word college in a sentence?


Do you capitalize college football in a sentence?

Only capitalize the word 'football' when it is the beginning of a sentence or forms part of a title.

Is memorial capitalized in the sentence MLK's memorial?

would you capitalize veterans memorial in this sentence. We are currently installing a veterans memorial at the college?

Would you capitalize the word college if it not a specific college name?

No, except at the beginning of a sentence because it is n ot a proper n ou n.

Do you capitalize community college?

You would capitalize it only if you are referring to a specific community college.

How do you use irreversible in a sentence?

When refering to an action that cannot be undone, for example... His decision to drop out of college was irreversable once he had used obscene words to the principal.

Is senior year supposed to be capitalized?

It depends on the context of the sentence. If being used as in "He is a senior in college" then you do not capitalize. If used in conjunction with a proper noun, then it is capitalized.

When do you capitalize the word 'college'?

If you're speaking of a specific college. If you were to say "Your mom goes to college" then it would be lower case. Whereas if you're saying "Your mom goes to Trillium College" then you would capitalize it.

Is Phoenix college student capitalize?

Phoenix College should be capitalized but not student.

Do you capitalize Surgeon in a sentence?

Capitalize surgeon only if it is part of a title.Examples:According to the Surgeon General, smoking is bad.The Head Surgeon on staff will be completing your operation.I'm going to college to become a surgeon.

Do you capitalize master's degree when used in a sentence?

You capitalize master's degree when it is used referring to a specific degree. For example, Jim has his Masters of Science. When referring to a general program, like the master's program of a college, it is not capitalized.

Do you capitalize the words college math in a sentence?

Only if it is the name of a class or the first word in the sentence. For instance, you could write, "I love algebra but my Algebra II teacher is very strict." and "Algebra is my second class of the day."