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Do you choose what animal you study as a zoologist

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No, but you can choose to specialise in a particular field of study. Ie: reptiles, mammals, American species, etc.

it mostly study about animal sciense..

An animal scientist is sometimes called a zoologist, and an animal doctor is a vet!A scientisit who studies animals is called a zoologist, and the study of animals is zoology.

a zoologist studies ALL animal life, environments, behavior, sickness, and there circle of life

zoology is the branch of biology pertaining to animal studies.

At least long enough to learn that you don't put "an" before the word "zoologist". I'd say like 3 years, yeah that sounds about right. at the minimum two. first you study a first diploma in animal care. this takes a year. then you study a national diploma in animal management. after that you are free to go study zoology and become a zoologist

A zoologist's job is to study animals and their behaviors. Zoologist may spend days watching and waiting as the observed the animal objects of their studies.

This would be a zoologist.This would be a zoologist.This would be a zoologist.This would be a zoologist.This would be a zoologist.This would be a zoologist.

The name for the study of the science of animals is zoology, and the person who studies animals is a zoologist.

The study of animal life and behavior is known as Zoology. A person that specializes in this science is called a Zoologist.

"Zoology" is the science that deals with the study of animal life. So, a zoologist is the person who studies animals and the ways they live. The zoologist plays a very important role at a zoo. The zoologist is both the expert on animal life and a specialist in dealing with endangered species. The zoologist is very involved in all work concerning the zoo animals. This includes making sure that the animals are healthy and well taken care of. The zoologist also participates in research projects that study the animals and their behavior.

zoologist kill animal when they sick because they suffered less

As the name may suggest, Zoology is the branch of biology that focuses on the structure, function, behavior, and evolution of animal.So to answer your question, Yes, zoologists study animals.

They study the way the animal interacts with his environment, they way he moves, the way he eats, they ways he hunts. They also study breeding and their biological makeup.

A zoologist is a person who works in or studies zoology - the study of animals.

no they study animals in the zoo

zoologistZoologist are scientist that study animals

No. They study animals. As a zoo is where animals are kept, you can see why it's a zoologist.A botanist studies plants .

Zoologists study in school work

An "animal scientist" is called Zoologist .

a disadvantage of being a zoologist is that you may be bitten by an animal and you might have to put an animal to sleep.

a human with an animal!!

A wildlife biologist is a zoologist that study animals in their natural habitat. Wildlife Biologist help us monitor animal populations and diseases that might directly impact humans.

The zoologist study different types of animals. :-)

Yes a zoologist studies any kind of animal, but usually specializes in a certain animal group such as large mammals, birds, or primates.

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