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Yes, the ole higue is often considered a mysterious character in Caribbean folklore. She is a shape-shifter who appears as an old woman by day and transforms into a blood-sucking witch at night, adding to her enigmatic and unpredictable nature.

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Q: Do you consider the ole higue a mysterious character?
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what kind of character is the ol'higue?

The 'Ole Higue' is a supernatural character found in Caribbean folklore. This nocturnal being is also called a jumbie, soucouyant and backoo as is a mixture of a vampire and a witch. In Caribbean folklore the Ole Higue or Old Hag is an old woman.

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The poem "Ole Higue" can evoke feelings of fear, unease, and superstition as it delves into the folklore and cultural beliefs surrounding the Caribbean myth of the old hag who sheds her skin at night to suck the blood of others. The imagery and descriptions can create a sense of dread and mystery for the reader.

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