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You should always try and forgive and be the bigger person:)

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What are hurt feelings?

Hurt feelings are the feelings which seem to get hurt. These happen because you get hurt from expectations. It is a bad thing and you should learn to cope with it.

Will it hurt if the boys penis is big?

It depends what he does with it. A penis should not hurt just because it is big. If you ask him to be gentle with you during sex then he should consider your feelings.

Can you sue those people who abused your feelings?

If people could sue everyone who "hurt my feelings", the courts would need to be open 24 hours a day and STILL never get done for a hundred years or more. Every person WILL get their feelings hurt. And every person--including you-- WILL hurt someone else's feelings. Courts cannot be involved in settling "hurt feelings" cases. Instead, you could write a letter, even if you never send it, and say what you felt.

What is a negative feedback than can result as counterproductive?

If you criticize someone, you can hurt their feelings. People with hurt feelings often react in a negative manner. Try making a request instead.

What does brendon urie HATE?

I assume he hates it when people hurt his or Sarah's feelings.

Why do people hurt peoples feelings to save a relationship?

they do it so that person can sty with them

What should you do if your feelings are hurt?

Talk about why your feelings are hurt with someone who is close to you, think about how to improve what happening to make you feel hurt

Why are people afraid to love?

Because alot of people are afraid of getting rejected and getting their feelings hurt.

Why are you angry with people?

If people ditch you, frustrate you, constantly annoy you, or hurt your feelings. if someone spit at you you are angry with them

Do pandas hurt people?

Only if you hurt them first.

Will i go to jail if i have a myspace and i am younger?

no. but some people might bully you and hurt your feelings

When was Hurt Feelings - song - created?

Hurt Feelings - song - was created in 2009-09.

How many people like the Volturi?

Not a lot of people because they like hurt Edward and Bella's Feelings. Not cool.

How do you get your husband to cheat?

You should not let you husband to cheat at the first place. It can hurt the feelings of both of you.

Do Pisces feelings get hurt easily?

Pisces are very sensitive so it is very easy to hurt their feelings. I am a Pisces :)(: ♥

What to do when you hurt someone's feelings?

first, say sorry. then find out what they like. use that information to make it up to them

What are the advantages and disadvantages of dodgeball?

you can get hit with a ball you can get your feelings hurt you can get hurt

What is a 6 letter word to hurt someones feelings?

The word is offend or insult. Both words mean to hurt someone's feelings.

What is a sentence for hurt?

He had hurt her feelings.Try not to hurt yourself.Ouch. That really hurt!

Why do people think 'your mum' jokes are cool?

You don't want to hurt the mummy's feelings

Why does bullying hurt peoples feelinbg?

If I came up to you, called you a loser, shoved you in a locker then threw you in a trash can while people laughed at you, would it hurt your feelings?

What is a word for lying so as not to hurt someone's feelings?

White lie A white lie is when you do not tell sombody somthing as it may hurt their feelings.

Why is positive feedback more likely than negative feedback?

Probably for fear of the person answering won't be judged negatively themselves. Or people don't like to hurt others feelings head on, they rather hurt their feelings behind their back.

Does a guys feelings only get hurt if they like you?

No they can can also be hurt if they lose face.

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