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Do you develop a deeper tan inside or outside of the water?

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From my experience, I think in the water.

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How does the speed of flowing water change where a river bends?

The speed of water at a river bend flows much faster and deeper on the outside of the bend. On the inside of the bend the velocity is much slower and shallower.

What evaporates faster water inside or water outside?

Water outside evaporate faster.

Is water located inside a cell or outside a cell?

although water can be outside of a cell, an organell called the vacuole stores water inside the cell.

Do you play water polo inside or outside?

Well it depends on the pool. It could be outside or inside.

What evaporates faster in fall water inside or outside?


Why your ears pop when you swim to the bottom of a pool?

The deeper in the pool you go the more pressure the water above you exerts. The popping is your body trying to equalize the pressure inside to the pressure outside.

Does water evaporate faster inside or outside or in the frigerator?

Water is evaporated faster outside a refrigerator.

How do phospholipids form a barrier between water inside a celland water outside a cell?

since the tail hates water they stay inside the cell where there is no water but the heads are on the outside of the cell which has water

What do the water droplets on a glass indicate about the temperatures inside and outside the terrarium?

the water droplets indicate that the air is cooler on one side of the glass. If the droplets are inside, then the outside is cooler. If the droplets are outside, it means the inside is cooler.

Were does water evaporate faster inside in a cup or outside in a cup?

Water is faster evaporated outside of a cup.

Do water form outside a hot water jar?

no it forms on the inside

When the concentration of free water molecules is higher outside cell than inside the cell water will diffuse?

In this situation there will be endo-osmosis. The water molecules will diffuse from outside to inside cell.

Does water evaporate faster inside or outside?

Water evaporates faster outside, depending one the tempreater and how much water u have :]

How did the Romans get the water inside the Roman Colosseum?

they got the water inside by using pipes from the outside and connect them underground to the inside and let the water flow when they wanted it to.

How does water get cold?

Water cools to the environment around it. a lake will have water colder in the deeper areas while warmer at the surface. Water in a refrigerator cools to the inside of the fridge because the inside temp is the surrounding that the water chills to.

Is the highest concentration of water in or out of the cell?

It depends on the conditions. In a hypertonic solution, a higher concentration of water is inside of the cell. The outside of the cell has more salt concentration than inside the cell. The cell tries to compensate for the higher concentration of salt outside of the cell, so water from inside flows back outside in order to dilute the salt. In a hypotonic solution, a higher concentration of water is outside the cell, and a higher concentration of salt is inside of the cell. Because more salt is inside the cell, water flows in.

Why does acold drink develop water on the outside of its container?

The water on the outside of the glass is formed by the moisture in the air condensing on the cold surface of the glass. It is condensation.

If the water concentration on the inside of the cell is lower than the concentration on the outside where will water move?

the water will move inside the cell due to osmosis.

Does the amount of water affect the way a boat floats?

A boat will float sideways if the water is too shallow and it touches bottom. Boats will float higher in water with greater salt content. If you fill a boat with water it begins to sink deeper. It all depends on whether you are talking about water outside the boat or water inside the boat.

What is it when water is inside of something and then forms on the outside?

It is called condensation.

Does a thermometer go inside or outside fish tank?

Inside the tank as it is for you to see the water temperature.

Fruit that is green on the outside and red on the inside?

Water Mellon

Is it unhealthy to get water inside your vagina?

From an outside source such as lake or pool water, it is only unhealthy if it stays inside the vagina. If unclean water does get inside the vagina, it is best to rinse it out in the shower.

What is inside a cloud?

clouds are the same on the inside as the outside and are made up of tiny drops of water, light enough to float. When the water droplets grow heavy enough, the water falls as rain same as the outside.... nothing

Is the inside the lane the same distance as the outside lane?

no its not, that's why when you start they stagger you. or they do a water fall start so the outside can come to the inside corner.