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When home schooled you will be required to follow a base curriculum. Any diploma will be issued following awarding body requirements - If there is no association between the schooled student and an awarding body there will be no awards (certification) Some online organisation offer their own "in-house " certification but these are generally not acceptable across many other educational establishments and employers . They will prefer nationally recognised awards.

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Q: Do you get a high school diploma after being homeschooled?
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How do you get a copy of a High School Diploma if I was homeschooled?

Get a G.E.D.

What kind of diploma do homeschooled students get?

A GED or high school equivalency test.

How do you get a high school diploma if you are homeschooled?

Contact your state's Department of Education to arrange to write statewide high school finals.

Get a high school diploma while being homeschooled?

A highschool deploma is just a peace of paper, what the paper represents is what is valueble. knoledge is what will get you far.

Does Selena Gomez still go to high school?

Nope, she is homeschooled and is 18 already she is going to get her highschool diploma.

How many high school student are currently being homeschooled?

About 340,000 high school students are homeschooled in the United States. About 2.1 million children (grades K-12) are homeschooled in the United States.

Do you recommend a diploma from lorenz high school?

Online schools are gaining respect and trust so i think yes you should go for it. It is also a very good option for adults with no high school diploma and for homeschooled students.

Why people get there GED?

People will usually get their GED when they have been homeschooled all their life. Or dropped out of high school... or simply, people who take their GED usually have not gotten a high school diploma. The GED score will replace the diploma and can get said person into College.

Does being a surgeon require a high school diploma?

of course it does

Is being a vet require a high school diploma?


When you successfully complete high school you earn?

A high school diploma.

Was Christopher Paolini homeschooled?

Yes he was. He was homeschooled by his parents through high school.

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