Do you get dropped from your parents insurance if you under the age of 25 in your last semester of college but not a full-time student?

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Check and see what the definition of full time student is - it may be say 8 units. You might also check with the Insurance Company - they may be liberal about a semester off here and there.
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What percentage of college students are also parents?

Answer . I don't have any specific numbers, but we have a growing population of people with us who are going to school later in life and as a result are parents, whether fairly new or having children in high school/college already.. Answer . There is probaly a greater number of parents, singl ( Full Answer )

Why do men under the age of 25 pay more for car insurance than women do?

Good question. It can be pretty infuriating, can't it? Particularlyif you're a good driver. But. statistically speaking, men under 25cause more accidents than any other demographic group. Somecarriers even make the cut-off date age 30(!). So, what if you're under 25, and you've never had an acciden ( Full Answer )

Do you get dropped from your parents insurance the day you graduate from college or is there a grace period to allow you to get insurance on your own?

Usually when you turn 23, 24 or 25, depending on what the contract says. If you are on your parent's insurance and are going to college full time then you will be covered until you graduate. Once you graduate check with a local insurance agent to see about obtaining insurance for yourself the day a ( Full Answer )

When does medical insurance stop for a child insured by the non-custodial parent's coverage if the child is 18 but a full time college student?

Answer . as long as your child continues to be a full time student, then they are covered until they graduate.. Answer . That may not be the case. Most insurance will cover a student to age 21 - 25. So if the student wants to pursue a doctorate that will take them past their cutoff date then ( Full Answer )

Are you still covered by insurance if you are in your last semester at college and taking 6 credit hours and had to get medical attention?

Assuming you're talking about being covered by your parents' insurance. That could get dicey. Technically 6 hours wouldn't qualify you as a full-time student, which is the typical requirement, but if you're completing a degree, you'd think that would count for something. Does your college treat you ( Full Answer )

What should you do if you have BC-BS insurance and you're 20 and in college and it drops when you're 22 and you have an autoimmune disease and is there a way you can stay under it?

Answer . If it drops when you turn 22, having an autoimmune disease doesn't change that, but you may be eligible for COBRA or HIPAA for an extended amount of time. It may be wise to try to enroll in an employer group health plan and not have any gaps in coverage so it won't be considered a pre-e ( Full Answer )

If you are a college student and on your parents insurance If you withdraw from a class and it puts you at under full time status 12 credit hours for the semester am you still covered on your parents?

Answer . \nMaybe. :) It depends on the insurance policy, actually. It depends also on how old you are, and why the insurance is covering you. Some policies are written to only cover full-time students, but most policies that you don't buy through the school will cover you anyway. Hopefully y ( Full Answer )

How long does a semester last in college?

A semester divides the school year into two equal parts. This means that if the academic year is 32 weeks, each semester is 16 weeks long. In different countries, in different colleges and universities, the academic year has no standard, so the length may vary.

What is a Full time college student?

For Fall & Spring Semesters:. A full time college student is one who ccompletes at least 12 semester hours, while maintaining a 2.0 GPA (on a 4.0 average).. For Summer. Completes 6 semester hours per summer session, while maintaining a 2.0 GPA. Note some schools require 15 semester hours.. LK H ( Full Answer )

Full time college student?

A full time college student is usually defined as one taking twelveor more credit hours per semester. Many full time students alsowork part time.

Age a student may drop out of school?

for the most part students drop out right at the very end, and that's in high school. depression and stress may cause this

At what age can a student drop out of school?

they should have to be at least 16 because all younger students would drop out once they realize that there is work involved in school plus peer pressure woul be the leading cause of drop outs because if one popular person wants to drop out then a bunch of their followers will follow

Why do some college students drop out?

Some reasons might include: . Lack of vision in terms of career goals and objectives . Lack of determination . Poor study skills . Failure to maintain academic progress . Lack of good organizational skills . Lack of discipline . Lack of maturity . Lack of financial capital . Displeased w ( Full Answer )

What can you do if the parents insurance company dropped you and you are 19 years old and a full time college student?

I would check and see if they really can drop you if you are a full time student. Check the policy. Also check here You might check with your school on student policies. Check here for Individual Plans in CA ( Full Answer )

Do 4-year colleges accept transfer students after one semester at community college?

Only if you qualified for acceptance to the school from the beginning, you are able to gain entrance to this school if you did not go to the two year college. Had already meet their requirements and did not need the help of going to the two year college. . By this you would have ether taken all the ( Full Answer )

Why students drop out from college?

Some reasons for college student failure may include: No vision . Some students do not have a clearly articulated picture of the future they intend to create for themselves. Thus, they may take programs of study without a clear career goal or objective. In essence, they choose the wrong major. ( Full Answer )

At what age do students drop out of college?

There are no standards for students dropping out of college. It depends on the individual and reasons why they drop out. Some reasons for dropping out of college coursework includes the following. No vision . Some students do not have a clearly articulated picture of the future they intend to cr ( Full Answer )

Top solutions Why Students Drop out of College?

Some reasons for college student failure may include: . No vision . Some students do not have a clearly articulated picture of the future they intend to create for themselves. Thus, they may take programs of study without a clear career goal or objective. In essence, they choose the wrong major. . ( Full Answer )

Is a student in her second semester of college a freshman?

Most likely yes. Student status depends not on how many semesters one has completed, but the number of credits earned. Read the below for the classification of students. The following is particular to colleges and universities that operate on a regular two semester academic year. . Freshman - ( Full Answer )

Do colleges accept students in the fall semester?

Nearly all colleges in the United States accept the majority of their students for studies beginning in the fall semester. Acceptances for most schools are from about December (the prior year) until April or May before the fall semester begins. Many colleges also accept students year-round for wi ( Full Answer )

Can a teacher video recorder a under age student without parent permission?

Yes. In my school there are monitors in the hallways and the hallways are video taped during and after school no permission was needed to have the school do this. Some teachers also tape their classrooms for various teaching projects or credentials and permission is not asked for by the teacher or t ( Full Answer )

What is covered under student health insurance?

The basic point of student health insurance is so that the student has any accidents while he/or she is attending school.These may vary as in different packages, as for coverages and prices.The more money you invest the safer your student will be.

Why do college and university students drop their classes?

There is a certain point in the semester where up to that point if you withdraw from the class, it counts as a W instead a grade. People do this if they already can tell they are not going to be able to pass the class so they can avoid getting and F on their transcript.

When does medical insurance stop for a child insured by the non custodial parent's coverage if the child is 18 but a full time college student?

Where do you live? Laws vary, but in general, any insurance provision should be outlined in the original custody/support order. Oregon mandates that support and items such as health insurance be continued until the child is 21 if he/she is unmarried and enrolled in school at least half time. Other s ( Full Answer )

Where is the best place to get car insurance for a person under the age of 25?

Finding the best place to get car insurance for someone under 25 depends on one's location and their claims history. The best thing to do is use a comparison site like Compare the Market or Money Supermarket and they will compare all the insurance companies to find one the lowest quote.

What is the best renters insurance for a college student?

There are many companies that offer renters insurance. The best place to purchase renters insurance will depend on your location and individual situation. Some of the top rated renters insurance companies are Travelers Insurance, State Farm, Liberty Mutual, and Farmers Insurance.

Where can a college student apply for car insurance?

State Farm offers young driver and student car insurance providing low rates and discounts. In several states college students are actually still covered by their parents insurance polices but if a student isn't covered by their parents or wishes to get their own they can get a quote and apply onlin ( Full Answer )