Do you get magby from ruby or Pokemon FireRed?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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in firered

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Q: Do you get magby from ruby or Pokemon FireRed?
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Where is magby in Pokemon FireRed?

Sorry you can't catch magby, but you can still breed magby with magmar.

In Pokemon FireRed where do you find magby?

Well you can't find magby you have to breed it with magmar.

Where to catch a magby in sapphire?

You can't catch a Magmar in Ruby or Sapphire just in LeafGreen.

How do you get magby without trading leafgreen to ruby?

I assume you mean is Magby in Ruby, the answer is no since Magby/Magmar can only be found in Leaf Green or Pokemon XD

Where to get magby in Pokemon FireRed?

Magby can only be obtained by breeding Magmars in the Four Island daycare center.

How do you get magby in Pokemon Ruby?

First you need a magmar leafgreen and Pokemon xd gale of darkness can get magmar trade magmar to ruby then breed it hatch the egg to receive magby.

Where is magby in Pokemon Ruby and im not talking about emerald?

Nowhere. Magby cannot be found in the wild in Pokemon Ruby through normal gameplay. It must be traded to that game from either Pokemon Emerald or LeafGreen.

Where do you catch magby's in Pokemon diamond?

put a leafgreen(or was it firered??)game in slot 2 and then find magby in stark mountain

Can clone Pokemon in Pokemon FireRed to ruby?


Can you catch a magby on Pokemon FireRed?

No but you can get one only from an egg that came from a magmar and a ditto.

How do you get smoochum in Pokemon ruby?

There are none in Pokemon Ruby trade from FireRed or LeafGreen.

Pokemon FireRed where is lillicove?

It is in Saphire, Ruby, and Emerald not Firered.