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NOOO WAY!!! Not ever. They just glue the braces onto your teeth, it doesnt hurt, i got braces be4.

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โˆ™ 2009-04-11 20:24:09
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Q: Do you get put to sleep when you get braces put on?
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How do you sleep with braces?

Sleep. That's honestly it. At first, braces will feel weird, but eventually you won't even notice them.

Do you get put to sleep when getting bracers on?

No, when you get braces on, the orthodontist is simply applying apparatus to the outside of your teeth, so there is no pain. After a few hours of getting your braces on, you may feel some discomfort as the braces begin to move your teeth.

Who can put braces on your teeth?

An orthodontist can put braces on your teeth

Do you have the option of being put to sleep when putting braces on?

No. And you don't really need to. It doesn't hurt at all and if you were asleep it would be hard for the orthodontist to put them on.

Can hygienist put braces on patients?

No, they are not trained to do braces, they can clean them but not put them on.

Can they put you to sleep while you get your braces?

Nope, sorry you're going to have to keep opening your mouth and working with the orthodontist. Don't worry its really not anything that's so bad you need to be put to sleep for anyhow.

How will you be put to sleep if you are having teeth taken out at hospital for braces and you are 12?

If it is absolutely necessary that a 12 year old needs to be put to sleep for the removal of teeth and the installation of braces, the doctor will use general anesthesia, which is administered through a needle in the back of the hand. If anesthesia is not necessary, the doctor will probably sedate the patient with a gas.

Are there any virtual games that you can put braces on people?

try to type in virtual braces put on

Who puts on braces?

Most likely the orthodontist people put on the braces because they put on mine.

Can you put braces yourself?

No. An orthodontist who is trained in putting braces on to affectively straighten your teeth should put them on you.

What do you put on your braces if they are rubbing?

If your braces are hurting or rubbing it would be sensible to put vegetable wax or vaseline on them.

Is it easier to put on braces if you have gaps?

yes you should get braces for gaps

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